Liberty County Mother of Twins Speaks Out

Liberty County Mother of Twins Speaks Out


Brandy Dominguez spoke out today about the incident in the Tarkington area of Liberty County on Saturday. Brandy, who was born in Kentucky Is beside herself today after the incident yesterday. Dominguez was married many years ago has not seen her abusive husband in ten years and has been unable to get a divorce due to not being able to locate him. She then met a man 4 years ago who fathered her twins two years ago.

Dominguez who is on a non-secured $50,000 bond according to court records for transporting an illegal from Deep Southwest Texas earlier in the year. Dominguez , age 30 has two twin girls. The babies father who has been with Dominguez for four years works out of town as a welder for not much more than minimum wage was desperate. Both vehicle had broken down and there was no food on the table. The payments for the home were getting behind and she was unemployed. When someone approached her with a way to make some quick cash she accepted. Federal Officials will not let her discuss the case as she has not yet appeared for her final court date. She said if the same person had asked her to run drugs she would have  rather starved, seeing what it does to todays young people. This was a first time and lasted a very short distance before Border Patrol stopped and arrested her. She was held overnight and then released in deep West Texas. With no money and just her personal possession she began to walk toward San Antonio. That night a man in his 60’s stopped and picked her up and told her he would help her get to San Antonio after he stopped at home to check on his animals. While there he offered to allow her to use the shower. Thinking this man who was in his 60’s was not a threat she accepted. She didn’t plan to step out of the shower into the room with the man armed with a shotgun and a handgun. He sexually assaulted her. She was able to get away and was able to contact a friend in Houston to come toward San Antonio and pick her up. She says now after all that she would never try something like that again.

Every month a probation officer assigned to her for pre-trial comes to the house to visit her as he has before. Not long before he arrived she drove to Dayton to get some things from a convenience store. She left her sleeping children in the care of her sister, Amy Castillo, who had been staying with her. When she left her sister was on the couch with her computer. Not long after when the probation officer arrived she did not hear them knocking as she was asleep on the couch.

There are two mobile homes on the property. One of which they live in and have been making repairs as they are needed. The second one they got which was not livable, was placed in front of the second one. Plans were to remodel it and eventually join the two together for a much larger home. As they are set up now, you enter through the unused mobile home and exit out the backdoor. Between the back door and the front door of the second trailer is a ramp connecting the two.

With her sister asleep on the couch and not hearing the knock on the door of the front trailer the officers entered and found her asleep. As they talked to her the officers heard noise in the backroom which was locked with a slide type gate lock near the top.

This lock Dominguez said had been installed awhile back. She explained when she is home alone, the girls in what many people describe 2-year-olds as being in their terrible two’s will get into things. Several weeks ago while she was in the shower the girls had slipped out the door and gotten outside. To fix this she had installed a fence using T-posts and chicken wire around the property and closing off access to under the trailers. She said this was all she was able to afford. With that done she still worried about them getting into something in the home so she installed the lock. While she showered or was in the restroom she would latch it so they couldn’t wander.

She had a bed for each until her nieces were visiting several months back and broke the frames on both. She was in the process of getting new ones from a friend but had at least  five blankets for the children. Being from Kentucky the laws differ from Texas where a parent cannot sleep in the same bed with a child due to a suffocation hazard if they should roll onto the child. This is also the case in Minnesota, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wisconsin.

As far as no toys in the room, there were plenty, she stated if you walked into the room and looked in a open area next to the closet they had many. They even had a big screen television complete with a DVD player to watch their favorite shows.

The carpet on the floor was dirty from years of use but there was no odor that would be common with feces or urine.

Officials stated the children had been naked. To this she stated that it was possible. She has purchased several types of clothes with zippers or buttons and still the two girls slip out of the clothes. In fact if they soil a diaper she said many times they will remove it and bring it to her for changing.

When officials found the children they notified EMS to respond to the scene. EMS, after checking them gave the twins a clean bill of health from the external exam which included a blood glucose stick. They were released back to officers who awaited CPS arrival to the scene.

Dominguez sister was taken into custody and placed in the Liberty County Jail and is charged with abandon endanger child criminal negligence. A bond of $5,000 was set Sunday. She remains in the Liberty County Jail.

Dominguez has hundreds of photos of her children on her Facebook, all with smiles, and many  positive messages about them. She said she misses her children and are worried about them being in a foreign place. She was told there will be a CPS hearing next month to determine the status of the twins.

She calls them her miracle babies as she was unable to get pregnant. When she went in her doctor found not one heart beat but two. Dominguez was so excited that she fell from the table in the doctors office.

Dominguez spends hours daily with her girls, in the summer the swimming pool in the backyard. A swing set complete with slide and child safety swing is part of the set. A trampoline surrounded by a net is close to that.

According to Dominguez  she was told she will have to make some changes in the home before the children could even be considered for being reunited. This included installation of smoke alarms,  Several outlets need to be replaced and eliminate the need for the several extension cords running across the floors. Some of the flooring is soft and needs to be replaced as does some of the sheetrock.

She was given bed frames by a friend today for the children.

Dominguez is desperately wanting her children returned and is trying to find a way to fund the repairs to make the home a safe living environment,.




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  1. texaggie94

    What a load of crap…it the same ol’ listen to this story so you don’t pay attention to that story routine…smoke and mirrors. If I can distract you with my outlandish back story and side bar discussions then you might overlook that I am a terrible Mother and only farm these two inoocent young children for the monthly welfare check I get to spend on drive thru burgers and cigs.

  2. LocalDrifter

    Yes, prodigious little breeders, aren’t they?

    If they ever get their kids again, here’s an updated verse to insert into that Old McDonald Had a Farm tune they can teach to their scattered children…

    With a kid dumped here.
    And a kid dumped there.
    Here a kid.
    There a kid.
    Everywhere a dumped kid!
    Dominguez sisters had a tribe.
    E • I • Woe • Is • Me.

  3. Quilter122

    Not surprising she does not mention the 4 kids she lost custody of in KY. Also the comments she has made condemning her sister’s parenting and the fact her sister’s kids live with grandmother, yet she felt was perfectly ok to leave her kids in her sister’s care.

  4. LocalDrifter

    That’s a lot of background detail that makes us weepy and all but still represents she has no business raising/caring for the kids.

    I had a similar experience with a house in River Oaks. I called it my miracle house as I was unable to buy one on my own. When I went for a haircut my Barber-To-The-Stars said I could have his. I was so excited that I fell from the chair in the barber shop. That fall on my head was what I needed for I then realized I couldn’t afford the house at No.1 River Oaks Boulevard even for a measly week. This mother should have likewise had a Coming-To-God moment when she hit doc’s floor and fathomed her ability of raising 2 kids to age 18, or 13 if they get knocked up married off like “The Killer” (Jerry Lee Lewis) unmarried with lousy prospects, and no job with no prospects.

    Waaaaaaaaaah… I wanted a house I couldn’t maintain.
    Waaaaaaaaaah… She wanted kids she couldn’t provide for.
    Same boo-hoo-hoo story for each of us but my choosing poorly only affects me. Not so much for her. The crap foisted on these girls the last 2 years will affect generations.


    It all boils down to the fact two toddlers were found locked in a room like animals, naked, with no bathroom, while there mother was off God knows where. Then there is the worthless Aunt who obviously can’t be bothered to actually watch them.

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