About 645pm Hugh Hall, 42, of Sweeny  was traveling west on SH 242 at a high rate of speed on his 1985 Harley motorcycle . Several witnesses said they were passed by Hall in the 50 mph speed zone.

As Hall  approached the intersection of Lexington Road the traffic light changed to red. Witnesses said the Hall attempted to slow but apparently seeing he wasn’t going to be able to stop, he sped up.

An Mildred Lout, 73, of Conroe was northbound on Lexington/Needham under  a green light and  was t-boned as she passed through the intersection of the westbound lane

Lout was transported to Hermann Hospital in The Woodlands in stable condition.

Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace Edie  Connelly pronounced Hall  dead on the scene and ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport the deceased to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.

DPS believes alcohol was a contributing factor on the part of the motorcycle driver who was also not wearing a helmet.

SH 242 reopened after the 3 hour investigation.



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  1. dyoung85

    lastcountry, that was a motorcycle. By cyclist, I meant people riding bicycles. I call people as I see them, and LazyCop was just spouting ignorance. You did not fully understand what I meant, so I wouldn’t have anything mean to say about you. In regards to your first comment, I fully believe that all “accidents” are preventable.

  2. lastcountry

    dyoung85 >> LazyCop, you are a moron. When has a cyclist caused any type of fatality in Montgomery County?

    damn, they just did !!
    ain’t no use calling people names here..

  3. LocalDrifter

    The reason I don’t roller skate naked in a public park only wearing a feather mask is I don’t want youse guys coming here making fun of me. Being shamed is a strong enough deterrant for most folk. Those in jail or those that are dead are the general exceptions to that shame rule thinggie.

  4. loudmoth

    I think that posting stupid stuff on here and I am part of an extended family and I don’t appreciate the comments and I know my family and friends wont like it either…

  5. loudmoth

    Lazy cop I hope you never have to see someone you love hurt ,or killed and fill the pain of what we are filling at this time that was very hurtful …. and future more you don’t know anything that was going on in his head at the time so why don’t you keep your opinions to your self……

  6. bobbyd

    #1.. They DON’T have to read this!
    #2.. Comments are made because SOME people CONTINUE to do STUPID things until they KILL someone or themselves.
    #3.. As such,they are in OPEN SEASON!!

  7. sexyboogiemanslayer

    I’m sure it’s very upsetting for the family grieving to have to read this.. regardless of who’s at fault a person still died instead of acting like you personally know him an causing more grief on his loved ones. Why not just leave it at everyone should careful an aware while driving end of story.

  8. LazyCop

    Our Farm to Market Roads and State highways are being taken over by crazy looking and riding motorcyclists and bicyclists. These careless two wheeled idiots that are passing no passing zones, in front of schools, running lights, holding up traffic and generally clueless are out of control. When the toxicology tests come in on this biker….well other things may be found instead of just booze. Good thing he did not hit the poor woman on the drivers side or she would have died too…dumb and dumber

  9. Joker

    Alcohol while operating ANY type of vehicle is just a bad idea but the stupifyingly long list of lives lost to motorcycle accidents recently all read the same …..”not wearing a helmet”…. my prayers go out to the families.

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