August 8, 2022 2:13 pm

Posted: 14.9.2013 1:57


Just before 11 p.m. reports came into Montgomery County 911 stating a motorcycle crash had occurred on Lake Circle at Allendale. MCHD along with Caney Creek Fire Department responded to the scene. When they arrived they found 22-year-old Clay Arie lying approximately ten feet from his motorcycle which he had been ejected from..

Life Flight was dispatched to the scene as Caney Creek Fire Department and Central Montgomery County Fire Departments closed FM 1314 to land the helicopter. He was transported to Hermann Hospital in Houston in critical condition and remains in surgery.

According to DPS, Arie had purchased the motorcycle just five hours prior. He was traveling on Lake Circle between 80 and 100 miles per hour. As he approached the intersection he hit some bumps in the road and loose gravel and started to slide. It was over 100 feet later that he applied his brakes, skidding almost thirty feet before the motorcycle began to tumble almost 100 feet before ejecting Arie.

According to DPS speed and alcohol were factors in the crash.