Just after 2 am Sunday morning a motorcycle rider was driving eastbound on SH 242 just west of Old Houston Road when he realized he missed the entrance to Lone Star Ranch and made a u-turn. That u-turn caused him to collide with anther motorcycle that was riding with him.

The driver of the first bike who did not have a helmet suffered a severe head injury and was transported to the hospital by MCHD,

The other driver left his female passenger to take care of the injured driver and drove home to get a pickup to haul the damaged bike.

That driver was arrested when he returned to the scene by DPS on an open warrant from a previous crash.

Alcohol is believed to be a factor in at least one of the drivers.


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  1. LocalDrifter

    To my trained eyes I read the skid etchings in the asphalt to tell me what likely happened. These marks begin just left of center of the traffic lane and show a 10 degree trajectory towards the right hand shoulder of the road. This suggests the lead cycle was punted by the trailing one, not on the shoulder as the father of the downed craft would like us to believe, but in the center of the road. Had the strike occurred at the shoulder, the cycle would not be projected back into the middle of the road lane but most likely into the grassy shoulder area.

    I prefer to evaluate evidence presented at the accident or heed the opinion of investigating officers over that of a fleeing and possibly inebriated biker.

  2. alsdeb

    First off, Mr. Engle, before you post something, you really should get the facts straight. Simple as that! What you printed was wrong on so many levels. First off, the driver of the first bike was NOT making a u-turn. Yes, he had missed the entrance, but he was STOPPED on the shoulder of the road when his so-called friend side swiped his bike. Secondly, the reason the punk on the second bike left was not to go get a truck to pick up the damaged bike. He ran away on his bike to hide it at the first driver’s house, where it was witnessed by a neighbor to have severe front end and right side damage. Again, you need to get the story straight before you start putting lies and suppositions in print. Oh, and the first driver…..he is my son!

  3. LocalDrifter

    I keep my helmet in the saddlebag so it doesn’t get all scratched up if I were to wreck out again. Paid $15.95 for the thing and don’t think I’ll ever find a replacement that inexpensive again. That’s why I take good care of it by keeping it locked to the bike out of harms way.

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