At 5:10 a.m. Saturday, Montgomery County 911 received a report of a major accident on FM 1485 East and Roadway Dr. in the Peach Creek area of New Caney. Upon arrival, they found a lifeless man in the intersection, with his motorcycle a few feet away, and a heavily damaged Chevrolet pickup against a fence at the nearby Valero.

FM 1485 was shut down, and DPS, assisted by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office began collecting evidence. They said their initial investigation showed the motorcycle was westbound and was struck by a gray or silver van. The Chevrolet pickup, which was also westbound, was actually the second vehicle to strike the bike, which was already on the ground. The impact caused the pickup’s driver to lose control, and then hit the ditch and culvert. His truck sustained heavy damage.

The first driver, in the van, fled the scene.

Montgomery County Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace James Metts arrived on the scene and conducted an inquest before ordering Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport the male victim who was in his late teens to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.

Judge Metts said the circumstances of the death were disturbing.

“This case has far more than one victim,” he said. “The family of the deceased will have to live with knowing someone had so little regard for his life as to strike him and leave him there on the road, and the second driver has to live with the memory of the violent collision he was unable to avoid.”

“It’s hard to imagine how anyone could do what the first driver did,” Metts said. “Most people around here would have shown more respect than that for the life of an animal, much less a human being.”

DPS has not released the names.

Note: We’re communicating with investigators and hope to have images of the suspect’s vehicle posted later. Check back for updates.

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