motorcycle rider killed after run over by motorcycle

At 7:50 p.m. last Friday, Conroe Police and Fire Department, along with Montgomery County Hospital District medics responded to a reported major accident with a victim in the moving lane of traffic on I-45 northbound, just past FM 3083. The first units on-scene had difficulty approaching because traffic was at a dead stop. They arrived to find 49-year-old Lois Horton, of Willis, lying in the left moving lane of traffic, already deceased.

According witnesses, a 2007 Kawasaki motorcycle entered the freeway at Loop 336, following another bike and headed north. Witnesses said the driver, later identified as 65-year-old Michael Lyles (of the same Willis address as the victim) veered into the barrier wall on the left side of the inside lane just after passing under the FM 3083 overpass, for no obvious reason, causing the bike to strike the barrier wall several times, ejecting Horton. Lyles and the bike he was following kept going.

The same witnesses said they saw Horton sit up, appearing dazed. They were stopped and attempting to block traffic and try to reach Horton, but before they were able to do so, a three-wheeled Goldwing motorcycle approached. The bike continued at the posted speed, not knowing why the cars were stopped, and tried to pass them on the left. Witnesses said Horton saw the bike coming toward her and raised her arms in front of her in a defensive motion. The Goldwing’s driver, 60-year-old Ezra Powell of Willis, did not see Horton on the unlit freeway and ran over her. Witnesses reached her and found her unresponsive. Authorities believe she was dying or already dead.

Conroe Police say a witness then did something that should be noted and discouraged. The witness found Horton’s cell phone and took upon themselves to use it to find and notify her family of her death. As a result, Horton’s mother showed up on the scene of the accident, and had to identify her deceased daughter that way and now must live with that memory.

Powell fought to keep his bike from rolling over. His wife, 59-year-old Sue Powell, was riding on the rear of the bike and also fought to stay on. The force of her body broke off the rear right side arm rest. The couple was returning from a trip to Corpus Christi. Powell was able to safely stop his damaged bike a short distance down the road. The couple suffered only minor scrapes and bruises.

Conroe Police were assisted in their investigation by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office Vehicular Crime Unit.

A Conroe officer found Lyles at his Willis home. He was taken into custody for Failure to Stop and Render Aid. A mandatory blood draw was also done, but the results could take weeks. Lyles was then booked into the Montgomery County Jail. He has since been released on$25,000 bond.

While investigating officers worked the crash scene, several others were tasked with closing the freeway off and forcing vehicles to exit at FM 3083. Around 10 p.m., a pickup truck drove around the road block, sending officers in the roadway at the crash scene scurrying for cover. That driver was cited. Then, approximately 30 minutes before the freeway was reopened, six vehicles, including two 18-wheelers also drove around the roadblock. Once again, officers were forced to run for cover. All of those vehicles were stopped just as they approached the crash area.

The freeway reopened shortly after 1 a.m.

Montgomery County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Lanny Moriarty ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport Horton to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.

Additional charges could be forthcoming on Lyles.


Note: Police ask anyone who is on the scene of a major accident before law enforcement arrives to refrain from making notification or posting anything online that might be seen by the family or others who would notify them. It presents a danger to the family members, other drivers, and emergency responders when they try to rush to a scene in a state of hysteria. They may also make things difficult by unintentionally interfering with life-saving efforts or, as in this particular case, the family member(s) may see something horrific that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Law enforcement should make notification and nobody else. In this case, things did not happen that way and MCPR was asked specifically to mention this mistake in the hopes the situation would not be repeated.



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  1. Betty Sister of Lois

    Tomorrow will be the one month aniversary of my Sister Lois Horton’s death. I came back on site to see all the comments; because it seems this is the only place where any discussion negative or positive of blame or caring is going on from anyone within MCP or CP. Along with just good old Montgomery County Folk.

    dtobey: yes, he left her there. yes, he was in shock, yes, he has to live with what he did. Could I have ever been that much in shock? I don’t know, I have a tendency to go into shock each time I have surgery, needless to say, all I can remember is all the ice and all the warm blankets. And, lastly, the shock I was in for the first few weeks my Sister was gone; when I lost where I put everything, couldn’t remember what I was suppose to do next, and to this date can’t seem to keep a clear thought in my head. When does shock actually go away? When do you realize what’s happened in your life; and more importantly, when do you accept it?

    mudbug: Something about your sign in causes me to believe you might be a dirt biker or 4-whlr. We used to have a large farm where we all loved to go 4-whlg over all the fields and creek beds. I’ve said that to say, Lois never held onto Michael, she always liked to sit back and hold onto the bike. I have to believe he did not realize she wasn’t on the bike until he got to the exit. By that time, the trike had already hit her. All he was aware of is that when he went back, she was covered up. He thought the fall had killed her. It wasn’t until much later, that he discovered Lois was a little dazed; but, she had made the fall OK. Had he known, stopped immediately and went back to her; we could have lost them both.I am so thankful for all the people who tried to help her and will always feel indebted to them for having to witness Lois being crushed by the Trike. Both Accident reports state; there is an ongoing investigation and a supplement report will be completed when further information becomes available. As far as I have been able to find out; nothing is being done to investigate the Trike Driver, nor his responsibility in the death of my Sister.

    clh2691: Michael did leave, and went on to where his fellow rider was waiting on them. That’s when he discoverd Lois wasn’t with him; that’s when his friend took him back, and that’s when he saw the proof of my Sister dead. He was then driven home. I have known this friend of Michael’s for some years now, and have no reason to believe he is lying about Michael’s state of mind at the time.

    texasmomof2: Thank You, I hate those things too. Please keep your prayers going; this is long from being over for all of us. Even if you just write out your prayer and put it in a trinket box for God; maybe, something positive will happen to get us past all this.

    rosemay17: Thank You for your comment. How it it that Motorists aren’t punished for driving around roadblocks. Aren’t the police trained to take down Tag Numbers and find these people? Thank You Again, for speaking up.

    marion: I guess I’m just a redneck country girl, cause’ I don’t know what POS means? But, it sounds as if you were there. Whether you blame Michael or Powell or both for the death of my Sister, at lease your posting states it the way it happened, up to the, POS part.

    bobbyd: Im confused by your postings. When I read your first one on 10/06 I thought you were agreeing with the family that Ezra Powell was at fault by going around the stopped traffic to then run over my Sister. When I read your 10/18 posting, it looks as if you feel Michael is responsible for Ezra Powell crushing my Sister. It seems that all the Stopped vehicles with Red Tail Lights; and the people that tried to stop Powell from hitting her; where all not the WARNING that Powell needed, not to run over my Sister. As I said above, had Michael stopped and came to Lois’ aid as soon as he possibly could, I feel he would have lost his life too; and oddly enough, the Powell’s could have been hurt or killed also, if they had ran over two people instead of one. And, maybe you have more knowledge of the scene than I, nothing on the Accident Reports show any Sitations or charges in anyway for Ezra Powell having gone around the other vehicles.

    Sarge204: Policeman or Serviceman? We’re back to the POS? SHOCK is how people do uncomprehensible things. You seem very fast to Judge the COLDNESS of others; while you condemn a person for being “BASICALLY RESPONSIBLE”? It looks as if your saying there might be a chance Ezra Powell is “BASICALLY RESPONSIBLE” for her death also; but, then you continue on to say that you hope Michael goes to Prison for a long time. It seems, there are a lot of cold cruel people as yourself, posting their opinions.

    fredsmit: Lois had her BRIGHT RED helmet at the time she was hit my Ezra Powell’s Trike. IQ Spectrum? I can’t think of anything that would have caused you to question the IQ of my Sister, nor Michael, in the case of her death. But, this site is for opinions; so your free to have yours, as all the other people I am responding to their opinions. However, mine is that before you make judgements against Motorcyclists, you should have found out that they were wearing their helments and dressed in full bikers gear. It didn’t stop Ezra Powell from going against Texas Laws(that aren’t being inforced)and running over her.

    mrs_tdz: Your post was one of the most beloved post I read during this last month. You pointed no blame except to the people that were responsible for blame in the reporting of the accident. I received a personal email from this “reporter” Scott Engle, showing his true biased opinion of the inocence of Ezra Powell? I’ll address that later on.Thank You again for your Posting.

    Ladyjosephine: Thank You for your Posting.

    Resident: Thank You for your Postings, each of them mean a great deal to me.

    sherri_tx; Thank You for your posting. It will always be dear to me.

    dlsandoval: I have complete control over my emotions. The problem is; I have no control over filing against the Powell’s. I have no control over the Montgomery or Conroe Police or Courts or State. You see, I was “only” Lois’ Sister, she had no Children; so only her Mother can try to fight for her rights and it seems to date, she’s been more concerned with making sure she has retrieved all her valuables, and notified all the Companies involved to prevent fraud against my sister; instead of fighting for her rights. We all have to handle things the way we see fit and my hands are tied to help either Michael or my Sister in her death. Give it a try, it’s very hard to have your hands tied.

    jcorsivo: I know I was told the truth, because I have spent the last month verifing everything I was told. So, if the Accident Reports had any truth to them as to further investigation into the Powell’s part in my Sisters death; they haven’t shown any of it to the family in any way fashion or form; and Michael nor his Attorney have been able to correspond with us due to the Instructions from the Courts. While, I did find out the Powell’s went directly to Michael’s Insurance to get their Trike Repaired. Will it be paid, was it paid, I hope to find out someday. Right how, I’m still awaiting the answer to how one policeman’s report of a scene, can destroy an entire family without further investigation and looking at the laws that apply to driving, as in the case of the Powell’s.

    Jamie Nash: Thank You for your comments of consolment to our family. I thought about putting pictures on your Facebook Page and asking for help in finding Lois’ Friends for the Service. But, then, I waited a day and received the personal email directly from the “reporter” Scott J Engle. I can’t explain the hurt he caused me in conjuction to the hurt I was already going thru over my Sister Lois’ Death. Why, Why did he feel the need to email me personally.

    Quote: “When the trike came up it saw the vehicles stopped and went around them to avoid a collision, one left lane one right. no shoulder on left but was on right. no lighting on the roadway at all. she was in dark clothes as they said sat up on freeway. Let me ask you. Next time you drive down the freeway at highway speed with headlights in the other lane coming at u see if u can pick a spot in the road and avoid it. I’m sorry for your loss. You say time to turn to come back, how many hundred cars u think passed in that time? If he had stopped right then the large motorcycle with its taillights may have been seen. Have you ever hit an animal on a dark road? Why? Because you couldn’t see it before it was to late.” End Quote.

    He compared my Sister Lois to an animal in the road; he even went as far as to mention the lights from the other side of the freeway, and the rear lights of Michael’s bike. What about the RED BRAKE LIGHTS of all the STOPPED VEHICLES (who did stop, he saw those) then he clearly ignored and went around, what about their front lights (did they all stop dead on the freeway and cut off all their lights?)or were some of them shinning on Lois as the Trike hit her causing my Sisters Death. While she had her arms up to prevent a direct hit to her face, trying to show them she was there. Trying to save her own life.

    Yes, I did email him back. Saying to him that I did not understand his email to me? Quote: “My Sister fell off the MC, She sat up dazed in the road, She was ran over and killed by an oncoming Trike, that went around stopped traffic on a freeway; Police Dept.& media have treated our family as if a member of it was the driver of the oncoming Trike. She was Alive until she was ran over. My Sister is Dead after being ran over by a Trike. Your need to justify the Trike had nothing else it could do? What does it matter, my Sister’ gone and the Trike killed her. No different than me running into the rear of a vehicle or over an animal in the road. It would still be my fault. It happened the way it happened and my sister is dead.” End Quote.

    Seriously: I’ve left you for last, because you seem to be so sure you know better than anyone what happened and who’s at fault. Even over the Reporters and their Grand Stand at finding no fault with the Powell’s in any legal way.

    Resident was with Michael. The Facts speak for themselves. The CPD had no choice in their having to arrest Michael. Residents comments toward the Powell’s, I believe in my heart, where said; because the MCP nor the CPD, seem to have notations of any concern towards the Powell’s conditions prior to crushing my Sister.

    Your comments to me: Betty Sister of Lois Horton:
    “my Sister was killed by Ezra Powell” true statement; No, she was not struck by the approaching vehicles “they stopped to rinder aid. “You have no understanding of the pain of our loss and the facts that the Trike killed Lois. Yes, Accidents on freeways happen in seconds, the other vehicles stopped. Why was Powell not held responsible for not stopping also? I don’t “feel the need” to blame him .As I said in my comments you felt the need to dispute. My Sister fell off the bike, she was sitting up in the road dazed, the TRIKE ignoring all signs of stopped traffic; went around them and ran over my Sister while she tried to shield herself. She was killed by the Trike of an irrespondsible driver. Greatly sorry for my loss, don’t waist your typing, be truthful, you don’t give a [email protected]# about our loss. No Powell did not leave the scene, he had to wait to get pictures of his TRIKE to file the insurance with after he ran over my sisters alive body. He had to quote, on site at the scene, how much he had just recently paid for the TRIKE and how much my DEAD Sisters body had damaged it. Did anyone question how long he had owned or been driving a TRIKE? NO! Devastated, not that I’ve heard, no remorse what so ever is the way I hear it.Because, otherwise, he would come forth and take his part in the death of my Sister.

    Please let me Thank the Nurses on the Scene for calling my Mother, thus allowing me to contact the rest of the local family, to get another member of the family to the scene as soon as possible, to be with my mother. And, please let me Thank all of the Stopped Vehicle Drivers for doing so.

    Yes, I like millions of others, have slammed on my brakes and moved to one side or the other when traffic stops on a freeway or any road, to avoid hitting someone in the rear (because, I know it is my responsibility to control my vehicle at all times and would be held responsible. No, I have never, and will never, go around stopped vehicles on a freeway or road, without direction from local police.Yes, I have hit someone in the rear, when I thought they were moving forward at an intersection, only to find they were on the phone and didn’t see the light change. I and my Insurance paid for the damages to their vehicle. The Trike’s impact of heavy structure killed my Sister Lois and the Driver Ezra Powell is responsible. Michael is already facing his acusers for leaving the scene. It’s time Ezra Powell did the same.

  2. fredsmit

    The man left his “love of his life” on the interstate after she fell off going 65 miles an hour ? When did he realize she was “missing” .. when he got home ? He went home expecting her to magically re-appear ? We all know motorcyclists who ride without helmets are in the low end of IQ spectrum, but this is Darwin in action.

  3. Seriously

    @ Mom Mona Sister of Lois, cars stop on freeways every single day and traffic diverts around it. Are you saying that stop and pull over every time you see a car stopped on the freeway. You never move to the next lane and go on? If that is the case I am uncertain how you get anywhere in Houston. I am very sorry for your loss but what you have said is unjust and wrong to suggest balme to Powell or to sugget ehy were only worried about their bike. The police reported the damage to the trike. I doubt the damage to the bike was of any concern to Powell at the time. It is simply a part of the accident report that was picked up in the story. According to the report, Lois was ejected from the bike when the driver of the bike she was a passenger on ran into the barrier for no reason at all. Had the bike not hit the barrier Lois would not have been ejected onto a dark freeway ahead of 65 mile an hour approaching traffic. One other thing that can be said for Powell, he did not leave the scene of the accident and go home like the driver of the bike she was ejected from did. This is a very tragic incident but it is unfair to blame high speed oncoming traffic when the hitting of the barrier was the reason Lois was ejected onto the road. Misdirected balme will not help you to heal.

  4. Seriously

    @ Betty Sister of Lois – “my sister was killed by Ezra Powell “. Your sister was thrown off the bike when Mike ran into the barrier according to witnesses. Ezra Powell did not cause Mike to run into the guard rail ejecting her body. When someone is ejected from a car or a bike on a freeway with a speed limit of 65, at night, with little or no lighting – it is not unforeseeable that they would get struck by an fast approaching vehicle. I understand the pain of your loss and possible your need to place blame but really to suggest they killed Lois. I read in the article that there was someone was trying to reach her (not standing around her) just before she was struck. You expect them to see her on the ground on a dark road when they are traveling approximately 60 miles an hour yet you do not expect Mike to realize that his girlfriend is no longer on the bike? How did Mike not realize she was not on the bike and when he did realize this, what possessed him to go home and leave her there in the road? Mike struck the wall that ejected her but because he is like family you have chosen to unjustly push the blame off at the vehicle that struck her. If you are traveling 65 miles an hour where do you think you are going have time to slow down? Accidents especially on freeways occur within seconds. These people on the trike do not need to be told it was their fault or blamed for this. Mike hit the rail – that caused her to be ejected. Had Mike not hit the barrier she would have been on the bike and not in the road yet you put the blame on Powell? You even excuse Mike for hitting the rail and for leaving Lois on the road and going home citing shock. I am greatly sorry for your loss and I understand you wanting someone to be held accountable for your sister’s death but I am absolutely baffled to your thought process and where you have chosen to place blame on Powell rather than the bike who hit the rail ejecting her onto the road. I am sure Powell is devastated over the accident most anyone would be but he is not the driver who ran into the barrier which ejected the victim into the road. And Powell certainly did not leave the scene of the accident. Powell should be devastated but I hope he does not feel guilt as if the accident was his fault. As far as whether they had been drinking or not mattering – I think it does when people start casting out blame. If alcohol was involved it would certainly explain the bike and it’s driver moving into the barrier for no reason at all which resulted in Lois being ejected onto the dark road.

  5. Seriously

    @ Resident – no we do not fully know the entire story but “Mike lost the love of his life” ? I feel for his pain however I cannot conceive how he could have just gone home and left the love of his life lying in the road. He thought they survived then later found out she didn’t. Why is his leaving the love of his life on the side of the road not more shocking than anything? I get being in shock but the report shows there were other riders with him who when they pulled over I would think would have advised him to return to the scene of the accident rather than going home. He left the scene of a fatal accident, failed to stop and render aid so I am baffled as to how you can fault CPD for charging him. And you want to excuse his leaving the scene, leaving the love of his life lying in the road and then blame the driver of the other vehicle? That stretch of road is under construction and not well lit. You state do not post anything until you know the people or the facts yet you directly post remarks about the driver of the trike suggesting they may have been fatigued and tired, avoided all indications of an accident and KILLED her. You state you were with Mike form 8:45 – to midnight, so it sounds like you were not there to know all of the facts either.

  6. bobbyd

    Give me a break!! Ezra Powell DID NOT kill Miss Lois.He may have run over her,BUT..Michael Lyles Killed her by having a wreck/accident and then LEAVING THE SCENE with the “LOVE of His Life” lying in the roadway..!!! Candidate for Citizen of the Year!!
    Had he STOPPED,maybe Mr.Powell COULD have avoided Miss Lois because there would/could have been a “Warning”!
    As always,Prayers & Thoughts to those involved.
    An after thought…. Who cares if thr trike was damaged/totaled or whatever??? A Women lost her Life!!

  7. Sarge204

    I pray for the family that lost their loved one. As for the guy that left her there. He is with out a doubt a POS. How can you leave someone laying there in the middle of the freeway like that. I honestly dont understand how some people can be so cold. I hope he goes to prisosn for a long time. they should charge him with her death. because he is basically responsible.

  8. Mom Mona Sister of Lois Horton

    This is from the Mom & Mona sister of LOIS HORTON. We do not care about your three-wheeled GOLDWING. You needed to care about the Lady,my SISTER you ran over and KILLED. Because you needed to get home so fast you could not see that the cars on 45 was STOPING so you just went where you had no other cars in the way not caring why they were STOP. I know you have to live with that,And I hope you live with thanking about the LIFE you toke from all of use and know we have to too. She was only 48 years old and now I am 48 years old, we would be the same for three days then she would of been 49 but nomore. I have to age with out her now. I only hope you can live with that

  9. jcorsivo

    Resident, if Mike had stopped, Why didn’t they find him stopped somewhere on the side of the road instead of having to go to his house and charging him? He could have made his way back to the site or gotten a hold of dispatch who could have escorted him back to the scene to give a statement about what happened. He wouldn’t be charged with failure to render aid if he in fact pulled over like you said. If you weren’t even there, how do you know what you were told was even the truth?

  10. Betty Sister of Lois

    It’s the day before we say our final goodbye’s to our Sister, Daughter, Cousin, Aunt, friend of many and what would have been Wife Lois;(Michael was finally going to ask her on her Birthday Next Week)

    A friend of ours told me of this site? I’m confused as to it’s purpose? Maybe, it’s a “let a little steam off” site? Maybe it’s a “someone please tell it like it really happened” so the family can have some peace? No, it’s neither of those. So I thought, hick, it’s just a “say what you feel site”.

    So here goes, my Sister Lois was killed by Ezra Powell & his wife was with him when he did it, that’s what happened, that’s what everyone saw.

    (posted speed?) what does that mean in a construction site with people standing around and a lady sitting up in the road, trying to protect herself? Did they almost kill others? Do they have any remorse besides those pictures of their damage my Sisters “alive” body made to their “ride”? Why is it not their fault they killed her? Was she not alive before they ran over her? Is it not your fault if you can’t get stopped and you run into the back of someone elses vehicle? Who makes all these rules and who in the Montgomery County Police Department is “God” enough to say they couldn’t slow down enough in a dark construction site and my sister would still be alive. She just lifted her leg to avoid the concrete & slipped off the side into the road. Yes, She may have been dazed or even hurt enough to go to the hospital for a check up; but, she wasn’t dead until they ran over her. We haven’t even been able to call her friends because the Montgomery County Police Department thinks that her Cell Phone is evidence of a crime! What does her Cell Phone have to do with the Powell’s? Why did she need an autopsy? Why did they keep her from us for so long? Ezra Powell ran over her & killed her.

    Michael’s papers from the court instruct (after living with my Sister for over 6yrs)not to speak to any of his family! We can’t go to her home or even touch any of her belongings!We couldn’t even get pictures from her resent trip from her camera. We had to go speak to a Judge just to get his restrictions released enough to come to her viewing before she’s creamated!

    Yes, he left her, he was in shock; maybe I’ll never understand how he could have been so in shock to have done so. But, the other ride in front of them, came back & Mr. & Mrs. Powell had already killed her & she was covered up, neither of them could face what had happened. Did they think she had died from the fall? Lord help if they had returned just in time to see her crushed by the Powell’s. All they saw was Years of love laying dead in the road. Will we get past it? I don’t know, but, I do know that Ezra Powell killed my Sister and he will forever be guilty of doing so. Did he do it on purpose? No. Was it an accident? We will never know if he could have done something to avoid hitting her.

    Had Michael been drinking, had Lois had drinks? What does it matter! Lois was thrown off or slid off or however fell off and Ezra Powell ran over her while trying to control his ride. Was he tired? Was it too dark? Did the witnesses really try to stop him? My Sister is dead. Montgomery County doesn’t care about how our family is hurting? Nor do the Powell’s.

    I’m starting to repeat myself, so I’ll get back to this busted up “old” phone I fould of my sisters and keep texting from mine, numbers to see if I can find anymore friends that are unaware of her service tomorrow. Thank You Montgomery County Police Department for showing just how cruel you could possibly be. And, Mr. & Mrs. Powell, if you’ll bring your ride by my house, I’ll kindly strick a match to it to show my hatred of it’s damages.

    1. Jamie Nash

      We’re very sorry for your family’s loss. In answer to your question about this site, it’s a news site and sometimes we provide other information that may be of interest or helpful to the public. We’re long-time police reporters, but we’re not the police. We can’t speak for the sheriff’s office, so I can’t explain why they’re keeping her phone.
      I’ve lost my brother- the only one I grew up with- unexpectedly and I know losing a sibling is horribly painful and different from any other loss. I hope you get your sister’s things back soon. If you want to reach her friends, you’re welcome to post on our facebook page and let them contact you that way. Sometimes people post their phone numbers but I think that’s a really bad idea because the whole world has access to it and can use it for whatever purpose they chose. If you just post and tell her friends they can message you with their numbers, it will probably save you a lot of trouble and if they don’t see it, people who know the will tell them. We get a lot of traffic on that page.

  11. dlsandoval

    Good grief! Give it a damn rest already! If you don’t like what you see here, don’t come here and look at it. No one is forcing you to read it. All of your ranting and raving is just showing everyone else that you have no control over your own emotions. Grow up and get a grip!

  12. sherri_tx

    I think it is horrible that the media was more focused on the trike than on Lois, Lois lost her life and the media is more focus on the trike than on Lois, who cares how much damage was done to the trike, Lois lost her life and the trike can be replaced, we can’t bring Lois back, I have been friends with this family for over forty plus years, they lost a daughter, sister, and a aunt, shame on the reporter who wrote this report and put up pics of the trike, this family is hurting over the death of Lois, they can’t replace Lois.

  13. Resident

    How in the hell did her shoes end up in the grass ????
    If MCSO and Conroe PD hang Mike out to dry,shame on them !!!
    The accident was 7:50 pm?, from 8:45 til 12 midnight plus, I was with Mike, trying to stop him from KILLING himself ……
    Went to the hospital, because I was told they, CPD, would release him in my care. Around 12:30 am, I was told he was going to JAIL !!!!

    Montgomery County wants your money!!!! If you are poor, worthless(not meaning anything derogatory), one/two days served, you’re free to go and screw up again…….

    If you are a working individual, with a good income, YOU R screwed !!!!!!

    MCSO/Mont Co checks your CREDIT SCORE before THEY check your background !!!!!!!!!!!!


    ’bout time to pay penance ?????????????????

  14. Resident

    I have read a lot of crap on here, however, I did login/password to comment on this accident! Do NOT post anything negative until YOU know the people and the facts!!!

  15. Resident

    Once again we are seeing Montgomery County injustice!!! They want your money, not the truth!!!!!!!!! Watch the video!!! Who cares about the TRIKE???????????????? They accidently hit her? or drove thru the traffic, avoiding all indications of an accident and KILLED her! Returning from Corpus Christi??? Fatigued and tired?????? Mike lost the LOVE of HIS LIFE and didn’t even know IT!!! until after the incident, he thought they had survived, and later it became a living NIGHTMARE for him and STILL IS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Resident

    I posted what I knew after hearing what was being said on here and from the people involved and Conroe PD! They don’t know if I’m a witness or what!!! It was an accident, tragic, however, still an accident!!! Let them heal!! Time is needed!!!

  17. Resident

    Enough said! Lois and Mike are good people. If you don’t know them, don’t comment!!! I’m hurting, not as much as Mike and her family, but I lost an old friend that night!!!

  18. Ladyjosephine

    I worked with Lois at Macy’s and just heard about the accident today. My prayers go out to the family. Lois was a good person. She deserved better.

  19. mrs_rdz

    I really hate the fact that sites like this can post information so quickly that we as humanity lose our respect for a family’s privacy in such a tragic situation. Getting “just the facts” across in a poorly written and terribly insensitive article like this is what brings even more grieft to a family that is already suffering. Shame on people/media who make snap judgments in cases like these! I agree with a previous post about the details regarding the damage to the trike… no one should even care about that in light of the fact that someone lost their life!!! Shame on the trike driver for even giving out that information (if he even said it) and shame on this “reporter” Scott Engle for even including that in this article.

    Lois will be greatly missed by her family and friends. The memories of her laughter and her kind heart are what need to be recslled. Not this INSENSITIVE mess that is called reporting.

  20. Resident

    No one knows all the details! If other motorist, 2 nurses (one of which called Lois’s mother on Lois’s cell phone) and another man were talking to her after she had sat up after being thrown off the bike, when did the trike hit her??? Was it before or after they were talking to her??? If after, how in the hell did the trike not hit any of them??? Who the hell cares about the damage to the trike, the TRIKE is what KILLED her!!! Mike was crowded by a vehicle in the right lane veering into the left lane under the narrow underpass at 3083 and in trying to avoid being hit, caused them to hit the barrier wall. After fighting with the wall and somehow managing to keep the bike upright, was yelling back at Lois to hang on and if she was ok (Baby are you OK?). He told her they would pull over as soon as there was room on the hwy. The other couple they were riding with was ahead and did pull over waiting on them and when Mike pulled over beside them, they were shocked when they realized Lois had fallen off into the roadway. YOU can fill in the blanks if you want to!!! Don’t judge, less you yourself be JUDGED!!! I lost a very good/old friend that night and have another one wanting to die! Tragic for family and friends. Those that don’t know, should keep their thoughts/words to themselves. We LOVE you Lois and Mike!!! Prayers and GOD’s healing to all concerned.


    I cannot believe the damage to the trike was included in the article!!! Who cares!!! Lois lost her life. She was a good person that i have known for near 20 yrs, my ex boss and my best friends Aunt. She did not deserve to die the way she did. Please continue to pray for the family……….

  22. bylindae

    He rode the bike home. Either way does not change the fact my family lost a family member and the people who hit her were no way at fault have to live with this. Asking for peace for all families involved.

  23. bobbyd

    Did y’all NOT read this sentence??? “During the contact with the wall Horton, who was his passenger on the back fell off onto the freeway. Lyles did not stop but continued on.” Last TWO sentences in the Third Paragraph! Unless it was added later after being discovered by the couple of Eagle Eyes!
    As far as driving around the barricade,the driver was cited!!!! Should have been charged with Attempted Murder OR shot!! And the SAME for the NEXT 6!! Typical Me!Me!Me! behavior!!!

  24. marion

    You can believe me, he hit the wall lady came off and the trike hit her he left the scene they had to go to his house to get him. POS…..

  25. clh2691

    The story seems to be missing a few parts. Did Lyles leave the scene? And if so, if he was driving the bike that struck the wall….did he walk home or was his bike still drivable? Did someone pick him up and he just left that poor woman in the roadway?
    I can’t believe you could hit one of those walls on a bike and just get up and go home, let alone leave a injured person in the freeway.

  26. mudbug

    wow, thats crazy. RIP to the female rider, and hope the other rider that cuased the wrecked gets the book slammed on him.

    But you really need to proof read before posting these stories. You are missing important words and it gets very confusing.

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