Just after 1 a.m. a Harley Davidson motorcycle driver was driving down FM 1484. Just as he approached Ike White Road he spotted a horse in the road. Unable to take evasive action he laid down the 2008 Harley.

When he got up he realized there was a second horse and a pickup truck heading in his direction. The driver attempted to stop but instead the truck slammed into the other horse killing it instantly.

Montgomery County 911 was called sending DPS, MCHD and North Montgomery County Fire Department to the scene. As the North Montgomery County Engine was approaching the scene the first horse darted out in front of it and was almost struck.

The motorcycle driver was transported to Conroe Regional Hospital in stable condition. His bike had continued down the road and ran into the tree line.

The truck suffered heavy right front damage but the driver was uninjured.

As DPS Trooper Reece investigated the crash Montgomery County Sheriff’ Deputy Stein and Degner attempted to locate the injured horse that was hit by the motorcycle.

Speedy’s Wrecker was able to get the dead horse off the roadway which was later removed  from the scene by TXDOT.

Using a thermal imager Deputy Degner was able to locate the injured horse several hundred yards away in the backyard of a home.

Marshall with Montgomery Precinct 5 Constables Office who was the on-call livestock officer for the weekend responded to the scene and after some coaxing was able to load the injured horse onto a trailer and transport it back to the Magnolia holding facility.

An owner has not yet been identified, however both horses were marked with identical brands.


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  1. LocalDrifter

    Hey, citizen, you daft? This is America, not India. Livestock has no inherent “right of way” to be on motoring thoroughfares in Texas or in my kitchen.

  2. Montgomery citizen

    There is laws protecting the animals. In state Texas livestock has the right away. Unless its known to roam. Horses are big animals and can easily pushed down a fence or jump over. Glad no person was injured badly but owning horses its heartbreaking. But technically horses have right away and the signs on that curve say 35 they should’ve been able to stop.

  3. spk

    Someone isn’t taking care of their animals. I wish we had more laws to protect animals because they go through horrible things all the time and can’t protect themselves.

  4. faransgirl

    I can not believe you people. A life was lost. I valuable life and all you can do is say oh well at least it wasn’t a person. You are sick and twisted. Both of those horses suffered and you make jokes and say oh well. I hope that karma gets you all one day and that when it does you know what you are suffering for. For being hateful vile useless beings. I won’t call you humans because you aren’t.

  5. LocalDrifter

    I’ve heard about something like this happening my entire life but this is the first time it’s been documented as actually happening, but with horses. Your barn door is open and the cows got out.

  6. OnlyMe

    The biker would have lost that match for sure, and I am surprised the truck was not damaged more. I am glad both persons walked away though. Now, what about the horse’s owner ? Why were they roaming the roadway ?

  7. kj2104

    @joker glad you find this so amusing and humorous. 2 people could have been killed, and I’m sure they both have families that would not think your comment is very funny.

  8. Joker

    So….Two horses, a pickup truck and a guy on a Harley are going down the road at 1am……this is either a sad tragedy…or the beginnings of the greatest bar joke EVER told…you decide.

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