Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department has added a new deputy, his name is Ranger. Ranger is an 80 pound German Shepard that came to the United States from Czechoslovakia earlier this year. He was trained in Denver, Indiana by Vohne Liche Kennels. Ranger will join Bianca, another German Shepard who is currently assigned to SIU and handled by Deputy Tommy Thompson. Unlike Bianca who mainly is used for nacotics detection, Ranger will be used for tracking and patrol even though she is certified for narcotics.

Funding for Ranger came from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department Alumni Association, Woodlands Dog Park Club and also from some of the seized assets which came from illegal activities.

Ranger’s handler, Deputy David Everton spent six weeks in Indiana training with his dog. He did so well that the school selected him to show his dog to young children at a school on the local Air Force base. David stated the kennel is big on social aspects of the dog who will live with him and his family which includes 7-year-old twins.

Lt. Ken Culbreath played the bad guy for over an hour Wednesday as they took Ranger through the paces. Using a bite pad that covered Culbreath’s arm Ranger bit him several times grasping the pad but enough that Culbreath could feel the pressure of his jaws on his hand. After working inside for quite some time Ranger was taken across the street from the Academy where Culbreath took off into a run covering over two hundred yards and hiding in some trees. Everton, with Ranger on a leash started to track him. Within minutes he found Culbreath detaining him.
Once again Cullbreath moved positions, this time however Ranger came without his handler at a full run at Culbreath. Culbreath was heard making the remark just before 80 pound Ranger hit him, “this is going to hurt”.

According to Sheriff Gage with a dog several foot pursuits could be stopped before they started by Rangers bark alone. He agreed that with Ranger assisting the Deputies on the job injuries caused by foot pursuits could be almost eliminated.

The video attached to this story will show you how Ranger was put through his paces today.

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