About 7:30pm Sunday Roman Forest officers responded to a call in Kings Colony in reference to shots fired. Upon investigation a witness said they had seen the person with an automatic weapon pointed in the air and firing. Roman Forest requested backup from MCSO, Precinct 4, and Patton Village and then searched the area stopping and talking to residents to determine who the suspect may be,

They were unable to locate a suspect but according to Roman Forest Police Chief Carlisle, the reports have come in for a long period of tie and it has never been pinpointed. Tonight with the help of the other departments they were able to locate the exact area the shots were fired from. He said it is illegal to discharge a weapon in a residential neighborhood. In addition, with the suspect firing into the air, the bullet has to come down sometime and somewhere. It is possible to strike a person on the ground with deadly effects.

Anyone with information on who the suspect is are asked to call either the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office or the Roman Forest Police Department.

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