Saturday evening there was an attempted robbery at a Willis Cleaners, a short time later several patrons at a Willis nail salon  were robbed. The robber was described as a black male approximately 50-years-old, about 6’-1” and close to 230 pounds.

Approximately 2 a.m. this morning a black male walked into the Valero in the 1100 block of the North Loop in Conroe and robbed it. The black male fled in a gold car. Clerks at the store were able to supply police with a partial license number.

Less than an hour later the Shell station at FM 1097 and Interstate 45 was robbed. The clerk there was able to supply dispatchers with a complete license number and thought the vehicle fled to the Cricket Hollow Apartments just down the street. Willis police, Precinct 2 Constables and MCSO responded to the apartments.

Just as Willis police officer Baseke rounded the corner he spotted the gold Honda blacked out in the parking lot about to take off. The black male then jumped out of the vehicle and fled around the building with Baseke on his heels. After they jumped over the fence the officer along with a Precinct 2 deputy and another Willis officer were able to detain him.

MCHD was dispatched when the suspect told officers he was having chest pains. Paramedics evaluated him and gave him a clean bill of health for a trip to the county jail.

Clerks at both locations were able to positively identify the suspect. The vehicle was registered to another person in southwest Houston but had not been reported stolen.

At first the suspect was thought to be out of southwest Houston but it has been learned that Jerald Jermane Fleeks, 28, was from the area. He resides at 205 County Line in Willis. 

Detectives plan to meet with the suspect Monday morning to continue their investigation.



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  1. chris187

    Can anybody tell me if this susspect is the same guy that committed the robberies at the Willis Nail Salon and the Willis Cleaners Saturday evening ???

  2. copeland

    I have really lost my faith in the judicial system to keep the public safe, since learning most criminals can just turn around and bond out, and be free to basically do as they please until trial! Law Enforcement personnel are putting their lives on the line to catch criminals and get the evidence needed to build a case against them. When the criminal hits the judicial system they are bonded back out into society, we need wider circumstancial limitations on bond! Keep them in jail in some of these cases, until they are judged innocent, when it is obvious they are violent/guilty!

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