Conroe Police Officers are on the scene of an apparent murder/suicide that occurred inside a home in the Olde Oaks Subdivision in Conroe, Texas. Officers were sent to the scene at around 3:40 PM on Sunday, after a female called 911. Originally Officers thought that there was a male that had shot himself in front of the female caller but later learned after arriving that there were two deceased males. Patrol Officers found the female in a frantic state and quickly learned that one of the males was her soon-to-be ex-husband and the other was her current boyfriend.

Police Investigators arrived and began interviewing the female. She told investigators that she and her husband separated in November 2020 and were no longer living together with plans of divorce. At some point during the separation, the female began dating a long-time friend. Officers learned that the ex had been staying in the home for the week due to the weather situation. The ex phoned the female today, stating that he was leaving the residence. The female and her new boyfriend came home and the house was empty. Shortly after, the ex entered the home and shot the new boyfriend with a handgun and then turned it on himself. The entire incident happened without a word being said. The ex-husband was 33 years old and the new boyfriend was 29 years old. Names are not being released as the family has not been notified and the scene is still being investigated.

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