Tuesday night Cleveland Police and Galveston County Sheriff’s Deputies attempted to execute a murder warrant for Arthur Ellis at his mothers home on Martin Luther King at Ross in Cleveland.

The search area was in the area of Samuel Wiley Park.

Ellis fled with pistol in hand which started a manhunt that ended up empty handed. Units from Cleveland Police, Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, DPS and Montgomery County Precinct 4 K-9 units converged on the area.

Though many people had already disturbed the track of the suspect Precinct 4 K-9 unit was able to locate the pistol almost two blocks from where officials thought the suspect threw it as he fled. It has not been determined if it is the same weapon used in the Galveston murder which was not found at the homicide scene.

A DPS helicopter was called in but had to abort due to weather condition closing in on him.

The area the dog followed the track of the suspect is heavily wooded to the point it made it almost impossible for law enforcement official to enter with briars, poison ivy and dense under brush.

Ellis is wanted for the murder of John Demangin, a 51-year-old electrician killed as he was making repairs to an Ike damaged home in the 7500 block of Beluche Drive in Galveston back in January.

The search was called off about 9:30p.m.

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