Over 300 friends joined the family of Sam Sadruddin, the store owner who was shot and killed Monday night at his store on SH 105 East. Sam’s son “Sonny” addressed the well wishers telling them he may be an 18-year-old boy but tomorrow he will be a man and take care of his family the way his father did. He told of his younger days of coming to the store with his dad and playing with the frogs out behind the store. Eating too much candy as e sat in the back of the store. He also commented on how when his dad came over from India he had nothing. but gave his son everything. “What does a boy say the day his father dies,
what does a boy say for his father,  because today I’m not the man my dad raised, but I am a boy without a father.”  Sonny continued, “you know my dad was from India, but he sounded like a cowboy, the way he talked, he talked like all of you, I listen to you guys and I hear my father.” Sonny said, “I know when I ever I miss my father I will come back and talk to any of you and I’ll break down because that’s my dad coming out of all of you.”

Sam’s sister-in law Nasreen Aman addressed the crowd telling how she never expected this as she pulled up. “On behalf of the family and friends we would really like to thank and extend our gratitude to all of you, for being here, for showing your support”.

Steve Squier also addressed the crowd and urged anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers

After , hundreds came up and hugged Sam’s wife Selima. Selima told the crowd that she would reopen the store on  Friday.

Heather Lynn Goodson, a long time family friend who grew up down the street from Sam’s store said it best:

There are no words that come close to express the loss my family, friends, & family members of Sam are feeling right now. He was a wonderful man, husband, father, son, and friend to all who knew him. He was not a man who harbored hate or dislike for anyone, he was just a very good man who always trusted that others were good not evil. He left behind one hell of a legacy that will be very hard to ever live up to, but through this tragedy and because I knew the man he was, I now know the true meaning of friendship! Also how we should treat others at all times no matter what – RESPECT ALL PEOPLE AND TREAT OTHERS WITH DIGNITY REGARDLESS OF RACE, SEX, RELIGION, GAY, STRAIGHT, RICH, POOR, OR ANY OTHER DIFFERENCES WE MAY HAVE FROM ONE ANOTHER! This man respected everyone and was respected in return. He never passed judgment on any person because he knew it was not his place to do so. He was from India, Muslim, and showed more compassion for others than many Christians I know. Our differences make each one of us unique and special, we should not hate/judge/dislike each other because of these differences, instead we should learn how to embrace those differences and grow by gaining new knowledge from the many different cultures/subcultures within the world which we all live in today. I now know better than I did before that both HATE AND LOVE are taught from one generation to the next. There is nothing I can say or do to make any sense out of his murder because it was and will always be one thing: 2 gun shots fired from the guns of two cowards making Sam’s death a selfish and senseless act.
















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  1. bobbyd

    Something a Son SHOULD NEVER have to do… What a Shame & Tragedy…

    R.I.P. Sam! Prayers & Thoughts to The Family & Friends…

    DAMN the COWARD MURDER!!! Bet he’s illegal…

  2. spk

    You cover everything so well. I love your newspaper. In it, we can really get a feel of what is going on around here. Ya’ll are just everywhere, it seems like.
    Hope this family can get a grip on a larger picture than just this small earth. Your loved one is looking down and wishing he could speak to you and tell you he is really okay. Just live your lives so he would be proud. He is still with you in spirit. Prayers are going out from everyone.

  3. sweetheather

    Thank you Scott for using my statement. And for getting me on video last night after I tried so hard to avoid the camera lol. May God take care of our friend and his family.

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