Naked Man Falls from Roof, Tased

In the early hours of Monday morning, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to reports of a naked man on the roof of a house with a golf club in the 31000 block of Mallards Pond. Units arrived on the scene and requested South Montgomery County and The Woodlands Fire Department assist them along with MCHD. However, while deputies waited for the fire department to arrive, the man broke into a run across the roof and fell to the ground in front of the officers. When deputies attempted to take him into custody, the man resisted, eventually having to be tased.

He was transported to Hermann Hospital in stable condition. Officials suspect the man was under the influence of some type of synthetic drug or LSD.

Multiple charges are pending on the suspect.


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  1. LocalDrifter

    Thinking of a pike pole in the hands of a firefighter coming towards your nakedness is a frightening thought. Tain’t no dainty way to wield one of those suckers.

  2. LocalDrifter

    I read all of ur post to him.

    Haven’t shopped for a husband lately but I guess you really need to check them out thoroughly on the lot. They always try to upsell you for additional accessories. Too late to get your money back?

  3. justaguy

    Naked? Playing golf on the roof? Nothing to see here move along folks. Question is which club and balls was he using?

  4. crabbie15

    OMG too funny Jennytull. Ld love all of ur post I told my husband u must be quite a character in person I read all of ur post to him.
    Now back to the story a naked man then having to be tazed we all know that had to hurt like hell lol we all know he had to be on something because just a NORMAL person wouldnt be on the roof naked or atleast I would hope not

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