Tyler Schlegel
Tyler Schlegel

Friday night three teens decided to go to a theatre and enjoy the movie, “Need for Speed”. After it was over two of the teens decided to take to Gosling Road and see what kind of speed they could acquire in their BMW and Mustang.

One teen who has not yet been identified was traveling north on Gosling Road with his friend Carson Cardoza in the passenger seat. He was in the right lane driving his BMW.In

Driving the 2014 Ford Mustang was Tyler Schlegel, 17, of The Woodlands. He was in the left lane.  The two accelerated and started a race. Not far down the road the two vehicles came into contact with each other causing the BMW to lose control, run off the road and strike an Entergy electrical box before striking a tree.

Cardoza, who had forgotten his cellphone had a badly injured arm. He was able to escape from the passenger seat and run to the Shell station at Research Forest and Gosling for help leaving a trail of blood from the crash to the Shell. His friend, the driver of the BMW was entrapped in the driver seat.

Schlegel, fled the scene and parked his vehicle down the street near the Burger King and returned on foot. As Woodland’s Fire crews were attempting to cut the driver out of the BMW bystanders pointed to Schlegel identifying him as the driver. Shenandoah Police who were on the scene approached Schlegel who fled once again leading the officers in a foot chase. He was captured in a short distance.

Schlegel was arrested and booked into the Montgomery County Jail on charges of accident causing serious bodily injury, racing on a highway causing serious bodily injury and evading arrest.



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  1. Curiouss

    Did anyone think that maybe he left the scene looking for his friend the passenger in the BMW that went looking for help. I also don’t know about you but when something like this happens to your best friend and you’re trying to find him to make sure he is ok, if you’re going to stop at any point until you find him.

  2. revbaseball19

    They were assisting MCSO and possibly DPS with the scene. Other agencies are allowed to cross jurisdictional lines to help when needed, which typically works out to benefit the safety and well being of innocent people. Also, though he was caught by them, it doesn’t mean he was arrested by them.

  3. Sundancer

    @ Luvthewoods The reason the kids don’t get stopped is because they text and tweet their friends and followers as to where the police are sitting with radar. I’m sorry for the participants involved, but VERY grateful they didn’t harm any bystanders with their antics.

  4. Curiouss

    I’m a little confused on how he was arrested in The Woodlands by Shenandoah cops? I don’t believe they have jurisdiction in The Woodlands. Please correct me if I am wrong on the rules. Would like to know thanks.

  5. LocalDrifter

    Many of you are waiting to see what Drifters take on this triad of imbeciles is and… we’ll, frankly, I’m tired of having to clean my shoes after dutifully kicking the pathetic apologists in the butt so I’ll be taking my happy feet dancing instead and sit this cheery session out.

  6. anonymousse

    LOL i think they will learn their lesson as is, though its unfortunate , sometimes it takes events such as this for people to mature. And whose to say some 25 year old is mature enough to handle a high perfomance vehicle either?Stupid temptations effect everyone, people.age is just a number, not a level of maturity.Rant Over.

  7. luvangels2

    It’s real easy to assume that everything you read is true, cut and dry, or black and white, but the truth of the matter is there is always more to the story. People who are quick to make judgement and post comments without knowing the whole story should really think about how they would feel if that were them or one of their children. The truth of the matter is that the story is not correct, that when the real story comes out, and it will, that the people who have a heart will feel bad about their comments and I do hope that they never have to live through anything like this ever. We all have to also remember that we are responsible for every word that leaves our lips and we will all have to answer to God for such.

    May God bless these kids with supernatural healing and supernatural strength to endure what comes from all the opinions and may He be with their families during this difficult time…in Jesus name…Amen

  8. yukonjack

    Hi (spk) i have had my TDL SENCES MY 16 th birthday
    Two wrecks NOT MY FAULT 1 ticket non moving violation
    In some cases the math don’t work you can put 3 teenagers
    In a room each having a. IQ 160 but instead of a total of 480 the math comes out about 80
    Oh yes I am 57 years old

  9. luvthewoods

    What exactly do The Woodlands police do? So many times I see them stopping adults on Lake Woodlands, Research Forest past the soccer fields, Greenbridge, etc…..but it’s rare I see them stopping these teenagers for speeding. I wish they could monitor Research Forest going west after the high school lets out everyday. The minute that school zone ends the speeders begin. Please monitor our streets better….especially at night and on the weekends.

  10. Greg34

    Wow. I didn’t actually read any comments prior to mine.

    Its quite obvious we all know/assume the score here…

    Good luck mom n dad

  11. Greg34

    Nice job, idiots. I hope you read this (after mommy bails you out, & sees how badly you wrecked her car) and come to realize that MOVIES AREN’T REAL, Dumdum. Good Lord, y’all actually got veeery lucky.

    We all hope you get some T.D.C time…, but I’m sure you’ll just get a few community service hours at the recycling center and then, most likely, do it all again in a year or so when the sequel is released.

    Keep up the good work mom n dad, handing over high powered machines to children,


  12. hammalin

    The kids are very good people… You act like you’ve never done anything stupid in your life! I bet at least half of you have raced in your younger years. Pathetic. You think they didn’t already get punishment enough to know they hurt their friends? And that jerk, I have known since 5th grade. He may have made a decision hoping he would not get in trouble, but he is one of the most selfless people I have ever known! DO NOT JUDGE SOMEONE BY THEIR STUPIDITY IN A MOMENT, IM SURE YOU WERE ALL PERFECT CHILDREN.

  13. danmar7

    more money than smarts. Parents who can afford these types of cars for their teenagers, probably passed on their own poor driving habits to their kids. I see plenty of adults trying to set land-speed records along Woodlands streets in their suvs and minivans. You bought in the back of the subdivision, doesn’t entitle you to speed to get in and out of it.

  14. really66

    I’m sure their parents will buy them new ones as soon as possible……. But thank God they are alive and I pray they have learned something!

  15. spk

    How does a high school kid afford a BMW? Was it his? Was it stolen? There is a great dispute here, but kids should not be driving an automobile until they are at least 25. That’s probably not old enough, but they have to get places. We should have mass transit and ways to get around besides huge automobiles. They turn into killing machines in the hands of immature people–and the majority of teenagers are immature people (even though they think they are grown).

  16. DameAvUlv

    See? This is the type of thing that’s really aggravating about The Woodlands. It’s unfortunate that in this instance a wreck happened because of it, and people were hurt. Speeding has ALWAYS been an issue in The Woodlands, as well as careless drivers. True, this is a problem practically everywhere, but it seems as though it’s almost worse in The Woodlands area in general, and all throughout Klein. Why would you give a child, or even let them borrow a car like that? Seriously?! Not only did they hurt themselves, but they could have hurt someone else around them, or even kill someone.

  17. GShock75

    Both drivers should have their Driving privileges revoked until the age of 25 with about 1000 hours of community service, and to be honest, what’s up with parents buying the MINOR CHILDREN a High Performance vehicle and expecting them to be mature about it? Seriously?

  18. Joker

    Forget checking on the wreck. Park your car first and THEN check em out. What a pal. Prolly got a burger for the walk back too jerk.

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