James Buckner vanished on July 10, 2014. For almost three weeks there were no leads. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office attempted to ping his phone with no luck as the request was denied by AT&T.

Last Sunday Kathy Buckner contacted Equusearch who responded immediately. Video was discovered at the Valero in Montgomery which was the last place he was before he vanished. Video has him purchasing fuel in his Chevrolet truck. A search of the area was launched based out of the Montgomery Fire Station. As the search went on Equuisearch contacted AT&T and was able to ping the Buckner’s phone. It showed the last data transmission was in Livingston, Texas.

The next day searchers did what was called a windshield search, looking in Livingston for Buckner’s truck which was quickly located at the La Quinta on US 59 in Livingston, For two days volunteers from Equusearch combed the area looking and it was Thursday when on of the team members located Buckner’s body under heavy undergrowth.

An autopsy was ordered by Livingston Police.

Friday night neighbors, friends and family gathered in Buckner’s Magnolia neighborhood for a candle light vigil. Over fifty attended.

Currently James Buckner’s funeral is pending, however it is being planned for Saturday, August 9 in Magnolia. Details will be released soon.


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  1. TG

    Did AT&T give any “good” reason for denying the Sheriff’s Office request to ping Mr. Buckner’s phone? The delay may not have made any difference in reaching Mr. Buckner before he died but what if it would have? Their refusal definitely prolonged his family’s and friend’s agony. I am glad all the stories I have read is letting readers know about AT&T’s denial. Glad I don’t use them for anything.

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