New Caney woman accused of threatening women in D.C. day before Capitol riots

“Unfortunately, we can now add Jan. 6, 2021, to that very short list of dates in American history that will live forever in infamy,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer. See how things escalated in our minute-by-minute video as chaos erupted.

NEW CANEY, Texas (KTRK) — A woman from New Caney has been charged after allegedly threatening two women just one day before the deadly U.S. Capitol riots.
Records state that on Jan. 5, 42-year-old Alysia Hargrave threatened two women by showing her Taser while D.C. Police were trying to break up two opposing groups who were yelling at each other. As police tried to separate the groups, officers reported to hear a “distinct sound of a Taser ‘crackling'” and saw Hargrave with a pink Taser in her hand.
Hargrave was detained and police talked with two of the victims who said Hargrave called them “nasty b*****s.” One of the victims added that Hargrave raised her hand and showed them her Taser while they were 15 feet away from each other.
Another one of the victims told police there was a large argument between the groups in the middle of Black Lives Matter Plaza and then the scuffle happened.
According to reports, police determined Hargrave was not using the Taser to defend herself, but rather as a weapon or tool of intimidation.
Hargrave was charged with two counts of assault for the incident

Hargrave is not new to the court system. On September 7, 2018 she was arrested for DWI with a child and was sentenced to 90 days in jail, She also at an open theft warrant at the time.