new details on bones found

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department responded to u.s. 59 at Forest Colony in Porter Monday afternoon  after workers with the Municipal Utility District who were working on a pump station found bones and a skull approximately one hundred yards off Forest Colony Drive.  Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes responded to the scene.

Detectives searched the area until just after dark for additional evidence. Justice of the Peace James Metts ordered the bones taken to the Crime  Forensics Lab for examination.

There has no identification made of the bones as of yet.

The location is approximately 1/2 mile from where on August 21, 2011 Virgillo Kilson, 74 vanished from the Home Health Care facility. At the time dogs tracked him to the Porter Wal-Mart parking lot before losing his scent. Since then Equusearch has canvassed the area with no results either.




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