On Thursday, 03-24-2011, the New Mexico State Police began investigating a double murder that occurred in a hotel room within their jurisdiction. New Mexico State Police was able to develop a suspect and track his movements to Spring Texas. New Mexico State Police then requested assistance from the Texas Rangers in efforts to apprehend the suspect. Texas Rangers were able to determine that the suspect was meeting someone at a business in south Montgomery County. Detectives from the Major Crimes Unit and S.W.A.T. team members from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office were contacted and assisted with the investigation.

New Mexico State Police were able to secure Murder warrants on Muziwokuthula S. Madonda 03-06-1977. It was learned during the investigation that the suspect was possibly traveling in a 90’s model Chevrolet Astro Van with Illinois license plates.

On 03-27-2011, at approximately 12:12 am the suspect arrived in a vehicle at the Denny’s restaurant in south Montgomery County where he was “boxed in” by unmarked police vehicles and taken into custody without incident.

Assisting in the investigation was the Texas Rangers, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit Detectives, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office S.W.A.T. Team, Texas Highway Patrol Troopers, and the U.S. Marshalls.

Agents from the New Mexico State Police are here in Conroe and we continue to assist them in their investigation as it progresses.

Madonda will go to an extradition hearing here in Montgomery County to determine when he will be brought back to New Mexico to face 2 charges of Homicide.


Arrested: Muziwokuthula S. Madonda

Dob: 03-06-1977 (34 YOA)

Chicago Illinois

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  1. siya360

    There were signs but I wouldn’t tel that it may turn to be this bad.He had so much pressure on him that made him be like that.he may hav a bad history but he was just taken back to it by pressure that was on him. Its so sad.I’m so shocked He did this.

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