Earlier this morning two black males were involved in an armed robbery in Walker County. A short time later their vehicle was spotted in New Waverly and a foot chase took place. One male is in custody. A second black male who is believed to be armed is still on the loose. He is wearing a white shirt and dark pants. Multiple agencies are searching. As a precaution the New Waverly ISd has implemented a lock down of all schools.

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  1. Shawny

    You racist are at it again. What news are y’all two watching? Keep turning the channel. There’s plenty of news with white people, and other races committing crimes. How did white women & men end up in jail & prison? I guess, they just magically put themselves there. Nope sorry, they committed a CRIME! I am shocked that Montgomery County Police Reporter is allowing these racist & ignorant comments on this forum. Totally disgusted.

    1. BigBadWolf

      Speaking of ignorant…I guess the fact that a small percentage of the population commits the most crimes is racist to you. SMH You’re in denial and all of the race card flinging isn’t helping you at all, sorry. 🙁

  2. Joshwfb

    @ wistlebriges….What kind of moron are you? Our children are locked down and there are armed criminals running around the area and its about politics and sports? Grow up. Honest comment: catch this bastard quickly and hope all of the children are safe.

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