No Refusal – Halloween Weekend Program Announcement The Trick’s On Drunk Drivers This Halloween

As our children get ready for the Halloween Weekend, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, the Conroe Police Department, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Public Safety, and others will be working overtime to ensure the safety of all people enjoying the weekend festivities. This program is intended to ensure the safety of the public on our roadways during the Halloween weekend. The goal is to minimize Driving While Intoxicated incidents which inevitably lead to crashes and fatalities. We want to separate drinking from driving.

This nationally recognized program will use a mobile breath alcohol testing unit (BAT) purchased with asset forfeiture funds from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office, nurses, prosecutors, and police officers from the county’s various law enforcement agencies in a high visibility approach to DWI law enforcement. Judges will be available to review warrants for the existence of probable cause for arrest and search. Any person suspected of DWI who unlawfully refuses to provide a breath sample will be subject to their blood being taken by trained technicians if a judge agrees that the arrest was proper and lawful. Rather than take the chance of being arrested for DWI, it is our hope that people will be responsible and use a taxi or designated driver over the weekend.

In addition TABC agents will work with CPD officers to identify local businesses that are violating state liquor laws. The goal is to limit the amount of impaired drivers

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