‘No refusal’ lands some in jail

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With the help of the Houston Police BATmobile, Montgomery County was made a little safer Friday night. Beginning at 10 p.m., deputies from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, and several other local agencies went to work clearing the roads of drunk drivers.

The night started out with a young lady brought to the BATmobile in the sheriff’s new DWI Taxi. She then got a free ride to jail.

Around midnight, the BATmobile changed locations, moving to Rayford Road. While en route, officers saw a Woodlands resident with his three friends in the vehicle, traveling southbound on the IH45 feeder and having a hard time maintaining a single lane of traffic.

The BATmobile’s emergency lights were activated, causing the suspect to run over the curb and then stop in the moving lane of traffic. Once he was moved to a safer area, officers approached. He told the officer he had not been drinking, but they just left a club. With the odor of alcohol evident he was tested and won a trip to jail.

In all, 16 arrests were made during the night for DWI. Of those, 6 required a judge to sign a warrant to draw blood which was done at the South County Jail.

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