“No Refusal” scares drunks

Montgomery County’s “No Refusal” weekend’s Saturday night was quite a bit slower than Friday.

On Friday night there were 17 DWI arrests, compared with seven on Saturday. These numbers are tentative according to Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Warren Diepraam.

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Among those arrested Saturday night was a woman who was traveling too fast northbound on the I-45 service road at SH 242 East, when she clipped the curb, causing her vehicle to flip. She was uninjured, but was arrested for DWI after she failed the field test.

Another woman was found asleep in the driver’s seat of her SUV with the engine still running. A wrecker driver informed officers of the situation and they went to see why she was sleeping in the parking lot. After several attempts to wake her, officers were finally able to get a response. She was removed from the vehicle and given a field sobriety test. She was then arrested and taken to the Montgomery County jail where a judge was on hand to sign a warrant. According to Diepraam about 40 percent refuse to blow into a breathalyzer, so warrants are then signed and blood is drawn.

A fatality accident occurred in Conroe, where a former DPS trooper was killed Investigators are waiting on blood samples from the Harris County Medical Examiner to determine if he was intoxicated. Diepraam said that with the help of the media, the TXDOT roadside signs and word of mouth the numbers were down.

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