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A bizarre string of events landed two belligerent women in jail and made for a Tuesday night a mother, several deputies and other bystanders will never forget. There were some tense moments for Anita Beskoon, who was eastbound on Rayford Road with four small children in her mini-van, approaching Riley Fuzzel Road when she saw a driver in her rearview mirror that was swerving in and out of lanes and honking her horn. The aggressive driver approached Beskoon, riding too close to Beskoon’s rear bumper and blowing her horn. Just before the intersection, it happened. The Mitsubishi, with two females inside, rear-ended Beskoon’s van. It was a minor hit, but appeared intentional.

Beskoon exited her van and walked to the rear of it, where she confronted one of the women about the accident. The woman began cursing at her, and calling her names. The outbursts continued until Beskoon displayed her cellphone and told said she was calling police. The suspects quickly retreated to their vehicle and drove away, but the issue was far from settled.

As Beskoon approached Creekside Village Subdivision, she saw the same car swiftly approaching from the rear, disregarding a stop sign and passing a car to do so. The Mitsubishi then passed Beskoon’s van and turned into Creekside Village. But shortly thereafter, when Beskoon approached the intersection of Guadalupe River and Brazos River, she spotted the Mitsubishi again – waiting for her.

As Beskoon passed, the suspects drove up beside her and began cursing and making obscene hand gestures. The suspects had no idea an off-duty Harris County Deputy, in his personal vehicle with his family, saw most of what was happening. The deputy sprang into action, approaching the two suspects and identifying himself as a police officer by holding up his badge.

Realizing a police officer witnessed such outrageous behavior might have snapped some people back to reality, but not Robin Scott. First, she ran into his vehicle, and then Scott ran into the deputy, running over his foot in the process.

When the deputy then removed Scott from the vehicle at gunpoint, a scuffle ensued. As the deputy tried to take control of the situation, Scott’s passenger, Renee Williams, jumped out with her camera phone and began recording the incident, trying to get close shots of the deputy’s badge. The loyal sidekick then hopped into the car’s driver seat and fled into the subdivision, leaving Scott behind with the deputy.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputies then responded. One of the first units to arrive was the MCSO/DWI Taxi, half of which is painted like a taxi, and half matching the other MCSO patrol vehicles. The deputies quickly took Scott into custody. Montgomery County Hospital District medics responded to treat the Harris County deputy whose foot was injured when Scott ran over it.

The other responding deputies began searching the subdivision for the Mitsubishi and the passenger turned driver. Several blocks away from the scene, they found the car abandoned in the middle of the road. Witnesses told them Williams was in a nearby house.

Deputies entered the house, but were told by a woman on location that Williams had left with a male companion in a Scion. As deputies spoke with her, it was learned she had Harris County warrants and they also spotted a small amount of marijuana. She was arrested for possession.

Deputies at the entrance of the subdivision spotted the Scion leaving and were able to stop it and detain Williams.

Many people in the park just before sunset got a special insight into what a deputy’s job entails, and watched deputies administering standard field sobriety tests to Williams and Scott.

When Scott failed her test and was handcuffed, she began to fight deputies. It took at least four of them to place her in the patrol car’s back seat as she kicked, screamed, and cursed at them. Williams also failed the SFST and was placed in the backseat of another patrol car.

As deputies were completing witness statements, Scott began kicking and screaming again. Then, almost as if to taunt deputies with a final insult, Scott urinated in the back of the patrol car, near enough to the closed door that the urine leaked out the bottom.

Renee Rose Williams, 23, of 549 Sandra Court in Conroe was transported to the Montgomery County Jail, charged with Driving While Intoxicated and Evading Arrest/Detention. Her bond was set at $2,500.

Robin Alyse Scott, 21, of 1807 West Welsford in Spring was transported to the Montgomery County Jail, charged with Assaulting a Peace Officer, Driving While Intoxicated, and Criminal Mischief. Her bond is set at $5,600

The as yet unidentified female at the residence where Williams fled is charged with Possession of Marijuana.

The male who transported Williams away from the scene was released after it was determined he had no knowledge of the incident.

Perhaps, the most ironic part of the entire incident was Scott’s personalized license plate which reads, “YAY ME.”




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  1. klall

    There is a huge disparity in punishment based on gender and race. If I committed those crimes, statics show that I would have been shot for attacking an officer and facing felony charges.

  2. arnoldthecat

    Yeah, Smarty, that is what I would expect from these future pillars of society. Fortunately for them (unfortunately for the rest of us), they are being dealt with in our modern justice system which, at best, is an idiocracy. Not aimed at the hard-working enforcement guys, but the politicos that set, as blackriver said, chump-change. In the old-west, these geniuses would have not made it to jail….

  3. Liberty_or_Death

    So unfortunate a woman minding her own business in her own home was arrested for possession because the cops happened to see a “small amount of marijuana” while investigating a separate incident. If she already had warrants why not just arrest her and send to Harris County? This is the insanity of our drug laws. Assume she had had no priors, now for a small amount of marijuana used in the safety and privacy of her own home there is the cost of processing and housing another non-violent inmate. This happens all day every day everywhere and is party of our fiscal problem in this country.

    Even though the cops had exigent circumstances to enter the house, she should not have been arrested for possession of a small amount in her own home. This violation of liberty is disgusting, it’s not about “leglizing pot, man.” It’s about the right to do what you want to yourself in your own home.

  4. Mr. Smartypants

    Audio? “beep you…you beep beep. I’m going to beep in the beep car right now if you take me to beep jail. There, you beep cop, take that.”

  5. blackriver

    OMG!!! It is parents fault that these idiots have absolutely no respect for authority!! If you ask me their bonds were way too low!!! They endangered the lives of the woman they roadraged and everyone else on the road!! Spoiled little worthless thugs! Throw the book at them and let them have a good stretch of jailtime!! STOP the judicial revolving door!!!

  6. Alan

    That one gal looks like she already got beat up, look at her left eye and right cheek.

    I am really digging that Sheriff car. How many are painted this way? I’ve never seen one on the road.

  7. nikki6

    What a bunch of loser, wannabe outlaws. Horrible. That poor mother must have been so scared with her children in the car. Hope those girls get beat up.

  8. onemoretime

    Our County, sure makes the news a lot with this sort of stuff. Not sure whats going on, between Spring and Conroe…but that corridor has way too much drinking going on.

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