Early this morning just before 4:30 AM, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to a residence on April Hill Drive in the April Sound Subdivision off of SH 105 near Lake Conroe. Deputies were told that a male forced entry into a home and was armed with a shotgun.

When deputies arrived the suspect came out of the home unclothed with the shotgun raised pointing the gun at deputies. A deputy fired more than one time from a shotgun, after commands were ignored by the suspect, and struck the suspect one time in the upper shoulder and torso.

The suspect, a 45 year old white male and resident of April Sound, was taken by emergency services to Conroe Regional Hospital in stable condition.

Investigators with the Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes, Texas Rangers, and the District Attorney’s Office remain on the scene examining evidence and conducting interviews. Early facts are that the elderly male resident opened the front door of his home after hearing the suspect banging heavily on it. When the homeowner opened the door the suspect entered ranting incoherently about snakes after him. The suspect removed his clothes while inside the home and the homeowner was able to reach a phone and call 911 for help.

The homeowner and deputies were not injured. The deputy will be placed on Administrative leave.

The suspect has not yet been charged but could face multiple criminal charges.

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  1. Swatz

    I’ve had neighbors ask for help in the middle of the night. Stuck car, dead battery, house on fire. So I answer the door, but I agree with Steve also. Grab the old shotgun on the way to the door. Problem is I’ve always been told by authority types, not to shoot them until they’re in the house.

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