Just after 2 am Sunday morning deputies with the Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables Office went to a home near  SH 242 and Lexington to serve a Blue Warrant, a warrant issued by the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole. The homeowner let them into the home and told deputies that the suspect was in a back room. After the uniformed deputies entered the room, the suspect drew a pistol at which time two officers fired multiple shots killing the suspect.

At this time no names have been released. The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Shoot Team is on the scene along with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department and the Texas Rangers, which is standard protocol.

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  1. lindsey smitherman

    He was the father of a 4 year old son. Our son. He wasn’t all good but he wasnt all bad. He didn’t deserve this. He wasn’t a rapist or murderer he was lost and it turned out bad. I will always love and miss him. I choose to remember the good.

  2. DearTX

    dimitra.. “He had no true friends” “I was his friend” I’m lost, does this mean you were not a true friend???

    Seems like he will answer to the Big Man upstairs on his judgement day. I understand people make mistakes, he had a blue warrant, which means he could not follow the rules/learn from his mistake. Following rules is something you learn in the 1st grade, not a good example as a father. 1 less criminal my tax dollars pay for, next.

  3. LocalDrifter

    …cuz he had a kind heart.

    A person with a kind heart doesn’t normally pull a rod and try to place a bullet into the heart of another. If it does then I best keep my pistol atop the hymnal next Sunday and nap with one eye open.

  4. dimitra

    Those who didn’t know this person should be ashamed of themselves cuz while u leave these messed up comments about someone u don’t even know, someone else does know him. I did..he was my friend. He was a son, he was a father, he was a good friend, unlike the people he surrounded himself by. He was lost, unhappy and felt very alone. He had no true friends. All those that were around him before his death were all just using him cuz he had a kind heart. I know who he really is. He was my friend and I was his, always. To those so called friends who turned their backs on him when he needed love the most, when he had no one to turn to and no where else to go, just know one thing, nobody can avoid God’s judgment. Nothing can get past the Lord’s eyes. He sees everything and knows all. I pray for y’all, you will need his mercy. Rest in peace my friend your memory will live forever. Know!

  5. LocalDrifter

    Can you believe it? That felon shall not possess a firearm law didn’t work. Wow, that’s got to be a first. Glad I got to see history being made. Probably won’t happen again in a 100 years. All’s not lost… the bed sheets needed changing anyway.

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