145 P.M.

According to Pct. 4 Commissioner James Metts, Old Houston Road near Village Way is 100 percent CLOSED as of Sunday afternoon. Portions of the road have washed away, with some drivers, even in large 4-wheel drive pickups, describing the center as a “sinkhole”. Commissioner Metts has Director of Operations Steve Hartwig and others on-scene, as well as law enforcement.

The Commissioner said the problem has been identified and solutions are being plotted, but until then, people need to detour. Ignoring or going around the barricade may cause vehicular damage and in some cases, injuries.  From a vehicle, the problematic stretch of roadway may not look much different than it has for quite some time, with water almost continually on or flowing all the way across it. However, people should be aware the road is no longer solid at that point, and has changed since the work week ended.

“I don’t want to inconvenience people, but I also want them to get home safely,” Commissioner Metts said. “It simply isn’t safe at this time, but we’ll address the problem as quickly as possible.”




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