JANUARY 12, 2006

JANUARY 12, 2008
One of the funniest videos of a robbery that occurred. It starts out with a masked man but ends up the robber leaving the money on the counter without the mask as the store owner chases him out of the store with a hammer through the broken glass.

JANUARY 12, 2008

JANUARY 12, 2009
A two-alarm house fire in East Montgomery County left a man with superficial burns to his legs and a woman with more problems than her seriously damaged home. What began as a fire in the bedroom of the home on Towerwood Drive evolved into investigations by multiple agencies including not only the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office but the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit, Montgomery County Auto Theft and Child Protective Services.
Neighbors reported the house fire at 15457 Towerwood Drive off of Firetower Road and firefighters responded to the dispatch at 6:25 a.m. with New Caney Fire Department in the lead and Grangerland Volunteer Fire Department assisting.
The incident was dispatched as a structure fire with victims trapped. When the fire began, two adults, a 5-year-old and a 7-year old were inside.
Firefighters said they arrived to find heavy fire coming out of the north wall of the home. An aggressive interior attack was made as the first crews on the scene searched for victims in the midst of the inferno. All residents were safely out of the house, but the search was extended because one of the adult occupants insisted another resident was still inside. The woman arrived unharmed a few hours later.
Less than 15 minutes later, a second alarm was pulled sending Needham Fire and Rescue, Porter Fire Department, and Bennette and Splendora Volunteer Fire Departments to the scene.
An adult male’s legs were burned, but as medics transported him to the hospital, he decided to decline further treatment, according to Kevin Bates with the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office.
The man spent most of the rest of the day wrapped in a comforter and watching the house from the street with neighbors and friends. The two children were taken to a neighbor’s home and later removed by CPS. As of this writing, no information was available regarding their status.
An alert MCSO deputy checked the serial number on a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle on the property, which turned out to be stolen, resulting in Auto Theft’s presence on the scene where they seized the four-wheeler.
Auto Theft Detective Keith Jones said the ATV was reported stolen in mid-December of 2008 from another location in East Montgomery County.
Some MCSO officers were already familiar with the residence. Homeowner Chris Tina Porter, 46, is currently residing in the Montgomery County Jail. She was arrested at the residence on November 13, 2008, on felony possession of a controlled substance bond forfeiture warrant.
No charges were filed regarding the stolen property, Jones said.
No charges resulted from the SIU investigation either, according to Lt. Philip Cash, who heads up that agency for the Sheriff’s Office.
Bates said the pier and beam construction wood frame house was 30 to 40 percent destroyed by the fire, which was caused by an electric space heater.
It was not only a bad day for the residents but for a man who chose the wrong time to drive down the dead-end street. When he turned around and tried to drive back through the scene, with multiple law enforcement agencies present, a deputy noticed an expired sticker on his vehicle and stopped the man. A check of his driver’s license revealed multiple warrants for his arrest. He and his car were taken from the scene.

JANUARY 12, 2009
Sheriff Tommy Gage and Captain Ken Ariola presented a $500 scholarship and certificate to Sara Jean Thompson on Monday, on behalf of the Sheriff’s Association of Texas for the Fall 2008 Semester. Thompson is the daughter of Paul and Jeanie Thompson, and granddaughter of Eli Patenaude, Jailer with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Sarah is a student at Criswell College and plans to become a missionary. Gage said he was proud to present the scholarship to the granddaughter of an employee of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

JANUARY 12, 2010
The City of Shenandoah water system was repaired on Tuesday, but businesses and residents are asked to continue boiling water for human consumption until water samples are returned, as mandated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

The results are expected by 7 a.m. on Wednesday. Once the results are confirmed, city leaders will rescind the “Boil Water Notification” currently posted on the city website at Residents who are signed up will also be notified via the Code Red Alert System.

As the sun rose over Shenandoah on Tuesday, people were waking and opening to the news that there was no water because of a broken 18-inch line that drained the city’s water tower.

Within a short period of time, crews switched the city to the emergency water system, restoring water until the break was repaired. At that point, water service was returned to the normal system.

Lt. Bryan Carlisle of the Shenandoah Police Department said nearly 2,500 residents were affected and as many as 40 restaurants, Herman Woodlands Hospital, Healthsouth, Nexus and several hotels. Denny’s closed around 3 a.m. due to the lack of water. The Valero station remained open but customers expecting coffee on a cold morning were out of luck. Other businesses affected were Sam Moon, Home Depot and the Portofino Center.

JANUARY 12, 2010

JANUARY 12, 2013
Saturday afternoon “Buck” left the North Houston Veterinary Clinic after a two-day recovery from his eye surgery. According to Dr. Rainbow “Buck” still shows signs of pain but much less since the surgery. The eyes are healing but they still have a long way to go.

Dr. Rainbow said he is not quite sure of the vision yet but should know much better in a week or so.

Buck had two entry wounds in his left eye near the cornea and one in the right eye with part of the iris sticking out. Doctor Rainbow then went into the front part of the eye to clean out all of the blood that accumulated from the injury.

He did give Tami a little bit of a break. Instead of getting up every 2 hours to put drops in , it is now on the 6 and 8-hour mark.

Dr. Rainbow has practiced both in Spring at North Houston Veterinary Specialists and in San Antonio at South Texas Veterinary Specialists. He specializes in ophthalmology.

JANUARY 12, 2013
Just after “Buck” left the vet Saturday Tami headed for Petsmart to buy a much-needed collar for the new love of her life. In addition, Pill Pockets for all the meds “Buck” will need to take. The last item on the list was an odor eliminator. “Buck” was so excited to leave the vet and to once again see Tami that he held on to she loaded him in her car. Needless to say, there was quite a large puddle in the back seat of the SUV.
Even before she was able to enter the store people came up to meet “Buck”, the same held true as he walked the aisles of the store. He even posed for a few pictures.
Tami, who has been buried in phone calls and emails along with Facebook posts since Buck was discovered last week has had little to no sleep. Yet she continues to love Buck and tries to stay in communications with all of his fans.
On Thursday she was able to finally have time to sit down with the Montgomery County Animal Cruelty Investigator, Tim Hollifield and turn the plastic trash bag over to him to be processed for fingerprints.
Since that time he has actively worked on the case almost exclusive besides taking some time for a woman who was attacked by a dog in Montgomery County and required hospitalization. Right after that he was back at it again and worked into the weekend.
When the story broke people from around the world have called him asking about the case. Due to the laws of Texas, he is only able to discuss the case with the persons directly involved. Even so, his office has been hit with almost 100 calls a day. Taking time to answer these calls and return calls also takes time away from the investigation.
Tami has asked all of Buck’s fans to please refrain from calling Hollifield as the investigation must have most of his attention and enable him to make sure whoever is responsible is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Anyone with information on who the person responsible for this act is asked to call Montgomery County Crime Stoppers.
Tami has promised to keep Buck’s Facebook up to date with any new information and in addition, Montgomery County Police Reporter will be closely following any developments and the condition of Buck.
Bucks medical bills have been paid with the many generous donations. Even though he may incur additional costs Tami feels the funds are there. She has decided to start a “Buck Foundation”, She hopes to educate people and children on animal abuse and neglect.
Earlier today she posted the following on Buck’s Facebook and wanted it to be shared with all.

I have decided to start a new Chip In that states all donations are specifically for The Buck Foundation. Although many are stating they are donating to The Buck Foundation, I worry that some people do not realize that I have raised more than enough funds to cover Buck’s medical expenses even though I have posted several times on Buck’s page about The Buck Foundation. I want to remain as transparent as possible. The Buck Foundation will be used to help other animals like Buck, assist other rescue groups with their special needs cases, have an educational aspect, help with spay/neuter costs, and many, many, many more things that I keep coming up with while brainstorming. There are many animals like Buck who are victims of animal cruelty that have not been given a 2nd chance and I would like to use this tragedy, with your support, to help change that for as many as possible. With a successful Foundation, even when I’m gone from this earth, animals will still be able to benefit from Buck’s tragedy here in the year 2013. Much good will come from Buck’s unfortunate experience. Thank you for the outpouring of love and support for Buck, and let us not forget that there are many others that can be helped through
The Buck Foundation.

JANUARY 12, 2015

JANUARY 12, 2015
In 1998, law enforcement interrogated 13-year-old Don Collins regarding the attack on Robert “Robbie” Middleton who was doused all over with gasoline and set on fire on his eighth birthday. Collins made written and recorded statements at the time that prosecutors planned to use in his upcoming murder trial. However, defense attorney E. Tay Bond filed a motion to have those statements tossed out based on the fact that Montgomery County did not have a specific room for questioning juveniles, as required by law at the time.

On Monday. 359th District Judge Kathleen Hamilton ruled the statements the now 29-year-old Don Collins made to police shortly after the attack are inadmissible. The jury in Collins’ murder trial, set to begin February 2 in Galveston, will decide his guilt or innocence without that information.

Prosecutor Rob Freyer said he respected Judge Hamilton’s ruling.

“She made a ruling that the officers, not acting in bad faith at all, didn’t follow the procedure set forth in the Family Code,” he said.

Freyer said the ruling did not affect the prosecution’s case “at all,” alluding to the possibility there will be witnesses who had conversations with Collins around the time the crime occurred.

Bond said the court “really had no option other than to follow the law and exclude the statements.”

While Bond filed and argued the motion to have the statement tossed out, he said Monday it made little difference.

“It didn’t add anything additional to the case, but it needed to be excluded,” Bond said.

He also commented on the possibility of witnesses who might testify as to what Collins told them about the crime.

“This would be standard for the state to get some kind of snitch to come in and say my client did it and they’re going to have to rely on something like that because there is no actual evidence that my client committed this offense,” Bond said.

JANUARY 12, 2016
Just after noon today Houston Police attempted to stop a stolen SUV near US 59 and Aldine Mail Route. A pursuit started reaching over 100 miles per hour. As they passed through Humble Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables were notified and broadcast it to all agencies in East Montgomery County. Units started to converge on the freeway. Montgomery County Sheriff’ Sgt. Rogers was able to deploy spikes near FM 1314 and put an end to the chase. The vehicle with earlier was thought to be female occupants, slowly rolled to a stop on flat tires at Community Drive. Three males were taken into custody. In addition, a Pit-bull named Lady who had also been involved in the pursuit was taken by Montgomery County Animal Control to the shelter.

JANUARY 12, 2018
Just after 2 am NMCFD and Caney Creek Fire Departments responded to a reported mobile home fire in the 16000 block of Crockett Forest near Conroe. NMCFD arrived to find flames on the porch being fanned by the 30+ mph winds and temperatures hovering just below 32. They were able to quickly bring it under control. Initial reports are a heat lamp that was plugged in and may have shorted. The final determination will be made by the Montgomery County Fire Marshal in the morning. There were no injuries. Fire damage was limited tot he porch area with smoke inside the home and some outside wall fire damage. Firefighters say if the porch had been on the north end of the home instead of the south, they would be battling a mobile home fire instead of just a porch.

JANUARY 12, 2018
STANLEY LAKE SEWAGEOn Tuesday a Stanley Lake Mud employee was testing fire hydrants in the Cape Conroe Subdivision when he noticed sewage smell. He immediately notified his supervisors who started to search for the source. It was found a short time later. The Walmart Store at Walden Road and SH 105 has its own sewage lift station for the shopping center. An electrical malfunction rendered not just the pumps inoperative, but also the alarms. It is not known how long the situation existed. MUD District officials notified Walmart management and TCEQ. It was found that the raw sewage which is normally piped to Stanley Lake MUD for processing wasn’t making the trip do to the pumps. Instead, it was overflowing and going down a manhole. That manhole ends in the shopping then flows into Stanley Lake, a community lake in Cape Conroe which is just over 2-acres in size, from there it travels under Lakeview Drive and onto a spillway into Lake Conroe. The MUD has already issued a letter to all residents urging them to stay off the Lake until water samples are analyzed. Walmart has already contacted an environmental company to start cleanup, electricians are repairing the electrical equipment. Officials do note that all the water wells are quite a distance away and is at a higher elevation.


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