One person was killed Thursday evening just after 430pm on Gosling Road just south of Flintridge. According to DPS Troopers the yet unidentified male was southbound on Gosling Road and in a curve when he attempted to pass in a no passing zone of the two lane road. His vehicle spun and was struck by a northbound landscape truck pulling a trailer. The vehicles ended up acting like a bulldozer as trees were plowed down between Gosling and the greenway.

The male driver of the landscape truck was transported in stable condition to the hospital, his passenger was not injured.

The driver of the Mustang was trapped in the vehicle and required The Woodlands Fire Department to cut him out before MCHD was able to assist him. Paramedics worked on the scene but were unable to save him.

We are awaiting additional information from DPS at this time.


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  1. StillAlive

    Oh, btw, I felt the hate of this entire country when I was young as I buried my career army father after being killed in Vietnam…..I have lost many. Miscalculation? That much distruction at 35 mph? Seriously? Every person that goes out on the roads driving recklessly is not caring for the lives of everyone else on the road. Now I am finished.

  2. StillAlive

    Speeding in a 35 mph zone, around a curve, in a no passing zone. Drove for 40 yrs. .no tickets, never caused an accident, never sped, followed ALL traffic rules at all times. This is the same for my entire family. I did say I felt for the family. Do not judge ME. I have done NOTHING wrong or illegal EVER. Hmph. Now, I am disabled, and at the mercy of ppl like that driver going to my doctors and hospitals. Wondering and worrying what day one of the “morons” will hurt or kill one of my family. Again, you would feel differently if he had injured or killed one of your family members. I am not and was not judging, I simple read the FACTS and based my OPINION on those facts. It is people like you that raise children up to do reckless things such as this fine law abiding yoyng man did. Another thing, we worked in EMS and Fire in our younger days…what we have seen…..the people, even morons, that we have helped….hence, my right, my experience, to state my opinion of the situation as moronic. Lastly, if the liberal minded…everyone gets a trophy, no punishment for misbehavior, absent parenting….(you know who you are…drop your babies at daycare at 6 wks old so you can buy more and more…..parents) do not wise up and go back to raising their own children, we will see more and more of this as we have seen this week. I do not know him. I know what he did and that he almost killed two other people. So, post if you must, but this is the last moment of my time that I will give to this matter.

  3. blessed

    It’s amazing how easy it is for some people to sit in judgement of others like they have never made a mistake of their own. While I agree that there are a lot of reckless and irresponsible drivers on the road at any given moment, not all accidents are caused by someone’s blatant disregard for others. Sometime accidents are just that – accidents. The young man that lost his life was so much more than the ‘moron’ that some would choose to classify him as. He was a son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend, student, and athlete. He had an incredibly strong work ethic, had just completed his freshman year at Texas A&M as a proud member of the Corps of Cadets, loved The Lord, and touched many people in his 19 years. When this accident occurred he was not drunk or under the influence of any type of drug. He made a terrible miscalculation on a wet road and he paid the ultimate price. I challenge you “Craven” and you “StillAlive” to make the claim that you (or a loved one) have never made a mistake on the road – even as a teenager. Thankfully, for those of us lucky enough to still be able to read this post, our own mistakes did not result in the loss of our lives. I pray that you may never know the pain and devastation that his parents are feeling. I pray that you may never have to read the hateful words of complete strangers directed at your loved ones. I know, without a doubt, that if you had ever met Thomas you would never be able to consider this as anything other than the horrendous tragedy that it is.

  4. gotexans

    EVERYBODY including yourself has made a bad mistake. So I guess that makes us all morons including you, if that is how we are going look at this. Are you perfect or something like that. I agree there is no good reason for what happened. But lets show some respect for those that aren’t with us anymore.

  5. StillAlive

    So, would you still feel the same if the “moron” had crashed into your family member and killed him/her?. I am scared everyday that some “moron” with reckless disregard for others’ safety is going to kill one of my children or husband on the way to work or university. So, yes, “moron.” Do I feel empathy for the individuals family members for their loss? Of course, I do. But please people, quit making the wrongdoers out to be victims. That is all.

  6. gotexans

    I agree we all have had experiences where we regretted the outcome. Nothing but respect for deceased. My prayers go to the him and his family. Craven may have never had lost a family member? He will learn it’s guaranteed.

  7. RF4508

    Craven that is very cold hearted of you to say act like a moron, get expected results. Like he intended to lose his life. Some one lost there son, brother, or husband put your self in there shoes and see how you would feel if this was some one you knew. We have all done stupid things in our life’s too no one is perfect.

  8. Craven

    I didn’t see the accident, I wasn’t there, but I’ll get the Mustang sped up and the truck ended doing a self-PIT maneuver. Surprised it doesn’t happen more often, actually. Well, act like a moron, get expected results.

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