While fishing on Lake Conroe earlier today recent Montgomery High School graduates Ben Breckenridge and Zach Smith noticed a calf by a bulkhead in the water. They were located in Little Lake Creek on the north side behind Bentwater. It was obvious the cow was still by the field it belonged to but a bulkhead wrapped around the surrounding area making it impossible for the small calf to get back up to land. Instead of going on about their business and disregarding the calf’s life, the two young men sprung into action. Picking the calf up from the water and over the bulkhead was not an option so the young men left the safety of their boat joining the calf in the water to keep it from going deeper into the lake. They called the Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Montgomery County dispatch for a lake unit. Texas Game Warden Brannon Meinkowsky and Pct.1 Constable lake unit Lt. Cade showed up to help with in minutes. After a short while searching the area for a place to get the calf back on land we located an area without a bulkhead. The calf was already stressed and tired enough that human contact didn’t concern it so Ben and Zach were able to wrap two ropes around it. The ropes held the calf out of the water as it took a short ride beside the boat to the area with out the bulkhead. As soon as she could reach the bottom and walk out Ben and Zach assisted her up and unbound her from the ropes. She wasted no time running away from the water hopefully to join the rest of the cows taking a break from the Texas sun in the shade. The owner was notified of the calf rescue.
It is very natural for live stock and wild animals to venture into a body of water. Usually Lake Conroe has deer that end up in the water swimming around. It’s important to know that most wildlife (especially deer) are great swimmers. With the bulkheads on the south end, they may need help from time to time get out and we will do our best to save any life.
As far as Ben and Zach are concerned I’m very proud of theses two young men. It would have been very easy for them to carry on without a thought to the calf’s life but these two young men took their time to save a life. Who knows if the calf would have survived? Ben and Zach had enough respect for life not to leave it to chance. We need more people like them the world over. Today it was a calf, tomorrow it may be someones family member. I have no doubt that Ben and Zach wont hesitate. Good Job guy’s

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