A major accident has left one local teenager dead and another injured. On Monday night just after 10 p.m., a 14-year-old female lost control of her vehicle after running a stop sign while driving westbound on White Oak Orchard at a high rate of speed. The vehicle turned 90 degrees then crashed head-on into a tree. The 15-year-old passenger identified as Anthony Gomez was partially ejected through the windshield.

Cut and Shoot Fire Department and Montgomery County Hospital District medics responded to the scene where Gomez was pronounced dead. The female, who is not being identified due to her juvenile status, was transported to Conroe Regional Hospital in stable condition.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office and the Montgomery County Attorney’s Office were both notified and are assisting in the investigation and any pending charges.

Troopers noted that the airbags did not deploy. Further investigation determined that the passenger airbag was missing.



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  1. russh

    You know there has to be trace evidence on the drivers side airbag and restraints. Lawyer or no Lawyer she needs to come clean and work on a plea deal before her trial.

  2. spk

    Guess she lawyered up by now and that’s what they told her to say. Never mind persuading the child to tell the truth. What a great example for this child to hear and know what lawyers do to win cases in the adult world. It’s just a game and whoever can fake it and lie the best wins.

  3. bobbyd

    And it was reported elsewhere the 14 yo and her mother stated she was not driving,she was the passenger.
    I guess the impact caused mr.Gomez to fly from behind the wheel and be ejected on the passenger side.(Look at the pictures)

  4. LocalDrifter

    Gomez was partially ejected… airbags did not deploy but further investigation determined at least the passenger airbag was missing.

    That SRS on the dash aren’t the letters of the guy that installed the radio. It stands for Supplemental Restraint System with emphasis placed on SUPPLEMENTAL, not the primary or the sole restraint but ‘supplemental’, meaning ‘in addition to’. The PRIMARY restraint system is the lap/shoulder doohickey that ejected objects often fail to utilize fully. Whether an air bag is present or not is immaterial if the occupant gets tossed about or out of a spinning / tumbling vehicle.

  5. spk

    Thank you for all the pictures and an explanation of what happened. The other Conroe newspaper had one picture of the cop cars there and that’s it, besides not even telling what happened. They also fill their online paper with news of the nation/world, which we get other places. Thank you for actually covering the news around here and always being there with the facts and pictures. The conscientious thorough reporting lets us know what’s happening around here.

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