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Posted: 25.10.2011 8:40


Today, October 25, 2011, is a day of remembrance for our lost Brother, Deputy Sheriff Odell McDuffie.  It was one year ago today, Deputy Sheriff Odell McDuffie, unit 68, was tragically killed in a motor vehicle crash while completing an assigned juvenile transport.

As we take a day to remember the life Deputy McDuffie, when reflecting back upon his time here, he was truly a gentle giant.  A man of solid character who worked with all of his heart to make Liberty County a safer and better place for all who live and work here.  He brought with him a special ray of light wherever he walked.  Every room he entered into he knew no stranger.  Odell was truly a man who could speak to people in crisis and bring about calm in the midst of a storm.

At times, we all meet someone who makes an impression upon us.  Some of those impressions are so profound and make such an impact, we never forget that person and what was said or done by them.  Odell just seemed to have a way of making such an impact on so many people he met every day in his life.  So many lives were touched in such a positive way that we cannot help but to honor the life he lived, not drown in the sorrow of his loss.  

At 6:00 p.m. this evening there will be a small Memorial Service for Deputy Odell McDuffie at the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office in the training center located at 2400 Beaumont.  The service will be a time for members of Odell’s family and members of the Department to gather and honor the living memory of our fallen loved one, Odell. 

The men and women of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office would like to take a moment and thank everyone in our community who came to us and helped support us a year ago and in the difficult days that followed.  All of the Law Enforcement agencies, Fire Departments and citizens who poured their hearts out and helped us will never be forgotten.

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