The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office completed a successful operation code named, “Operation Saturation.” During the July 4th holiday period, Deputies with the Sheriff’s Office were used to target and enforce traffic laws in the SH 105 and South Montgomery areas. The goal of the operation was to reduce the opportunities for vehicle crashes resulting from impaired driving and speeding.

Overtime funds from the Impaired Driving and Speed STEP grants from the Texas Department of Transportation funded much of the overtime.

During the operation there were over 550 traffic stops with over 380 traffic citations issued, 9 misdemeanor arrests, 5 misdemeanor DWI arrests, 1 felony DWI arrest and 2 DUI minors stopped.

Notably there were no fatal traffic accidents during this period. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is committed along with other law enforcement agencies to make the roadways a safer place to drive.

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  1. TexasTerri

    And when does law enforcement have to abide by the law? If and when they want to. Tired of seeing patrol officers break the laws every day and then be the smug hypocrite that writes the rest of us a ticket for the same thing.

  2. lastcountry

    Ka-ching !!!! “watching that money roll in !!”and you thought it was all about drunk driving !!
    if our law enforcement officers were allowed to do their jobs,and follow the laws themselves, dwi’s and accidents would be reduced every day..

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