Montgomery firefighters and the Texas Forest Service was kept busy Friday afternoon and evening. A major forest fire broke out near FM 149 and  Keenan Cut-Off south of Montgomery.

Montgomery County Fire Marshal Jimmy Williams said at one point over 20 homes were threatened. He believes a prescribed burn from  Friday carried over and sparked today’s fire.

The Texas Forest Service came in and cut a plow line around the perimeter of the fire to contain it. They most likely will be out all night putting out hot spots.

Most of the homes threatened were in the Hickory Hills Subdivision where most homes do not have a barrier between the brush and their home. Williams said homes should have at least fifty feet clear of debris, leaves and pine straw in an effort to protect your home in case of a brush fire. Many homes in California are lost every year to fire due to not practicing this.

Additionally Williams said with the dry conditions, low humidity and winds caution should be used for burning. He advised to check the weather forecast in the morning , and determine the winds for the rest of the day. If they are strong or the humidity is low you should refrain from burning.

As summer approaches things will start to green up cutting the fire danger down. But he advised once you start that fire you are committed to it through the duration. Leaving a fire for even a few minutes can can turn it into a wildfire without your knowledge.



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  1. momoftwo

    Please remember that this fire was not started by a careless resident of this subdivision. This was started by people on the Mitchell property doing a “controlled” burn! My house was one of the homes that could have burned to the ground, and I don’t want people thinking that we burn when the conditions are obviously not favorable for that. I want to thank all the firefighters and forestry people that were here working on controlling and putting out this fire.

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