The Liberty County Sheriff Department’s Criminal Interdiction Unit joined forces with Montgomery County Pct. 4 Deputies in acting upon information received regarding a drug operation on CR 3181 in North-West Liberty County. After obtaining a search warrant for the home at that location from Judge Mark Morefield’s 75th. District Court, the Sheriff’s Department SWAT unit executed the warrant at around midnight on January 30, 2014.

Arrested at the house were Jose ( NMN) Hernandez the second, DOB 10-14-81 and Nina Katherine Gonzales, DOB 1-31-80. Both were placed in the Liberty County jail and charged with “Possession of Marijuana-50 to 500 pounds” which is a first degree Felony. Both Hernandez and Gonzales has prior arrest for drug violations.

Recovered from the house was one hundred and seventy-one ( 171 ) pounds of Marijuana packaged and bundled for sale, two (2 ) 9mm pistols with 30 round extended clips loaded and ready with one of those weapons reported stolen from Harris County along with $3,200 in cash also bundled. The street value of the 171 pounds of marijuana is estimated to be over 100K.

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  1. LocalDrifter

    Some of youse out there will be paying a little bit more for your Mardi Gras grass while meth prices continue to hold steady at a two month low. (Anyone happen to know the current exchange rate for 2 pounds of copper traded for meth?)

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