At forty-six minutes after midnight Needham, Conroe and The Woodlands Fire Departments were dispatched to a commercial fire at Halliburton on Donwick Drive of SH 242.

When first units arrived they found heavy smoke coming from the large building. The building which had employees working was evacuated and firefighters found  a fire in an air filtration  system.  It  was quickly extinguished with a dry chemical extinguisher but heavy smoke filled the building. Opening all the doors in the building had little effect.

Needham Fire Department Asst Chief decided to call for Ponderosa Fire Department’s “BIG BLOW”. This is an ultra-lite motor and propeller first purchased in a junk yard north of Willis over ten years ago for about $600. The Ponderosa Fire Chief then set it on a trailer and boxed in the propeller. It is one of the only ones in the area and is used at least once a month. It was dispatched to the Old Chase Building Fire last August when a fire on the 27th floor filled the building with smoke. It has even been as far as Sugarland for a fire there. 

Firefighters usually use small fans either gas or electric to clear smoke filled homes or rooms. The volume of air put out by it nowhere matches what “BIG BLOW” known to Ponderosa as FAN 62, can put out.


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