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An overnight crash left one person dead. Just after 1 a.m. Montgomery County 911 dispatchers took multiple calls stating there was a major accident at SH 105 and Navajo. MCHD along with Lake Conroe Fire, Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constables, DPS and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene.

When they arrived they found a Mitsubishi  SUV upside down along side the road and a Dodge 3500 head on into the utility pole. The SUV was occupied by an 18-year-old and a 15-year-old female. In the back passenger was their aunt and uncle. The male was slightly injured, however the rear seat female passenger was deceased.

The driver of the Dodge pickup fled the scene on foot.

Law enforcement officers started a search when he appeared at Conroe Regional Hospital with a broken arm.

Two Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney’s responded to the hospital with DPS and interviewed the male identified as Wayne Richard Compton, 28, of 2707 Superior #4 in Magnolia. Compon was intoxicated and admitted to have been driving the vehicle. He was arrested and taken to the Montgomery County Jail and charged with intoxication manslaughter with vehicle, intoxication assault with vehicle causing serious bodily injury, two counts of aggravated assault causes serious bodily injury and accident involving death.

Troopers worked through the night sorting out skid marks and damage. Entergy was called out to repair the broken pole. One witness said when the pole broke the power lines fell on another set of lines creating a fireworks show. Lights were out in the area until close to 10 a.m.

According to the investigation the SUV was eastbound at Navajo, waiting for the traffic light to change. The Dodge truck which pulled onto SH 105 from Blue Heron at a high rate of speed slammed into the rear of the SUV. The impact was so strong that it broke the frame of the SUV, and caused the outer door skin of the SUV to pop off.

The truck then pushed the SUV through the intersection into a grassy area behind a shopping center and flipping it over. The pickup slammed into the utility pole.Prior to impact there were no signs of a skid mark indicating the truck tried to stop.





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  2. spk

    Great coverage. All it said in the other paper was that there was a wreck–nothing else. I read the other Conroe paper first (for the obituaries) and then this one because I know I will get the real story and the complete coverage here of the fragments I read in the other one. I am so frustrated that they don’t give us up to the minute news nor hardly any pictures. I always come to this paper to get it. Keep up the good work. Thanks thanks for not trying to fill up every day with national news.

  3. texasmomof2

    Just by looking at the SUV, It’s amazing that anyone lived. My heart goes out to the family for their loss. Mr Compton will have to live with himself knowing that the choices he made, killed someone. I’ll be Praying for them all….

  4. really66

    It the driver of the Dodge is allowed out of prison…..then I think the Judge that allows it, should be put in prison himself!!!!!!! NO BAIL!!!!!

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