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Posted: 16.8.2013 15:21


IMGA0248Just after 10 am Friday morning the Montgomery County Auto Theft Task Force and the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office swooped down on Richard Sisney, owner of Sisney Auto Repair on Loop 494 in Porter. Richard Sisney was taken into custody on a third-degree felony charge of theft in an amount greater than $20,000 but less than $100,000.

On February 2, 2010, Pat Quinn who resides in British Columbia, Canada found a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro displayed for sale on the website known as It was offered for sale by Richard Sisney who owns Sisney Auto Repair on Loop 494 in Porter. The vehicle was advertised as Top Sportsman Bickel Built with a 598 engine. It included a Dart Big Block and Sonny Leonard Dart heads. It was listed as mint condition with electronic shifter and bead lock wheels.

After seeing the ad Quinn offered Sisney $46,000 for the vehicle which Sisney accepted with the agreement that Quinn would wire $29,000 to Brenda Sisney’s bank account at the First Bank in Trust of East Texas. Brenda was the wife of Robert Sisney.

Quinn then  contacted John Harrison, a motor vehicle appraiser, to inspect the vehicle. After the vehicle was inspected by Harrison and photographed several material discrepancies were found. It was at this point Quinn contacted Sisney for a refund.

Sisney who earlier said the deposit was 100% refundable then told Quinn after he learned of the discrepancies that Quinn already began purchasing the vehicle and his only choice was to fulfill the obligation and pay the remaining amount due.

Quinn hired a civil attorney who was not able to get the deposit returned either.

Montgomery County Auto Theft was contacted and started an investigation. Detective contacted Melvin Bickel, owner of Bickel Brand Race Chassis. The vehicle was advertised as being a Bickel. After reviewing the information Bickel stated that the vehicle in question was not a Bickel built race car. He also stated a large amount of the information in the original ad was false.

Quinn said, “if I had known at the time the oral representations made by Sisney as well as the information contained in Sisney’s posting on the website had been materially misleading, if not ought right falsehoods, I would have not paid Sisney a single silver nickel for anything.”

According to Rob Freyer, Chief Prosecutor for the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, this is not the first incident. He said this has been going on for twenty years and there are multiple complaints to the Better Business Bureau.

One complaint was that Sisney had a customer’s truck for two months to rebuild an engine. Forty-five minutes out of the shop the truck quit. After taking the truck to a Dodge dealership he learned the wires had been hooked up wrong.

Freyer is asking anyone else with issues with Sisney to contact Montgomery County Auto Theft who is handling the case.