donellyCharles Allen Donelly, 48, of La Porte, Texas was sentenced by a jury Wednesday in the 435th District Court of Montgomery County, Texas, Judge Michael Seiler presiding, to Life in prison for Sexual Assault of a Child and 99 Years in prison for Felony Escape, both committed on June 17, 2011.

During the guilt-innocence phase of trial, Assistant District Attorney Cindy Pulcher presented evidence that Donelly, a parolee, met a 15 year old child on the internet and manipulated the child into engaging in sexual intercourse in the Sam Houston Forest. After the sexual assault occurred, a Forest Service Officer stopped Donelly and the child as they were leaving the scene. The child later informed the Officer that the two had been involved in sexual relations.

Donelly was then handcuffed and placed in a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office patrol car. He then broke out one of the patrol car’s window, escaped and stole a truck to elude capture. He remained on the run until he was arrested again two days later at a residence on Remington in Houston. When approached he again ran away, but was found several hours later.

After the jury found Donelly guilty of Sexual Assault of a Child and Felony Escape, they were presented with evidence of Donnelly’s criminal history. Donelly’s criminal history included seven felony convictions and five trips to TDCJ-ID for felony offenses including Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, Forgery, Burglary of a Building, and Burglary of a Habitation (four times). At the time of the offenses for which Donelly was found guilty, he was on parole for a Life sentence for a 1997 Burglary of a Habitation. The Jury sentenced Donelly to Life for Sexual Assault of a Child and 99 Years for Felony Escape. Judge Michael Seiler ordered the two (2) sentences to begin after Donelly completes his time on the 1997 Burglary of Habitation Case.

“Judge Seiler, the jury and our prosecutors did a fantastic job on this case,” stated District Attorney Brett Ligon. “Mr. Donelly has proven that he is not willing to reform his behaviors and life in prison is the appropriate remedy for his continued criminality. I will continue to zealously pursue maximum sentences for habitual offenders like this.”

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