Early Monday morning an assist the officer was dispatched by both Conroe Police and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to the Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constables Office. A passerby called in and reported a patrol car next to the Precinct 2 office had been shot up. Units arrived on the scene to find something completely different. A patrol car which is used for the reserve Precinct 2 deputies was destroyed. All the glass was broken out of it and several large dents were left on the body of it. In the driver’s seat was a heavily intoxicated male who was asleep at the wheel. The investigation determined that during the night the Hispanic male broke a toilet seat off a commode which was in a neighboring dumpster. The male then smashed the windows. After doing so, he had enough strength to drag the concrete parking stop to the vehicle, tip it up and smash it into the fenders. The male who was to intoxicated to identify himself said he only remembers being arrested. Constable Gene DeForest estimates the damage to be over $4000. Constable DeForest said the vehicle was just equipped for reserve deputies and had not even been on the streets yet. Conroe Police transported the male to the Montgomery County Jail.



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  1. whistlebriges

    Forget the pine box—-send him back in one of the beer cans that were probably laying all over the inside of his vehicle–you know – next to his “insurance and vehicle registration”

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