Patrol officers put bracelets on purse snatchers

Press Release from the Shenandoah Police Department

SOUTH MONTGOMERY COUNTY- What began as a traffic stop for expired registration resulted in two purse thieves being taken off the street. Shenandoah Police Officer Mark Brockhoeft observed two males acting suspiciously while filling their vehicle at the Sam’s Club located at 19075 IH-45 South. As they left the gas pumps and pulled onto the feeder road, Officer Brockhoeft observed that their vehicle registration was expired. After making a traffic stop and speaking with the occupants, Officer Brockhoeft learned that neither had a driver’s license nor could they provide proof of insurance on the vehicle.

The two males just couldn’t seem to get their stories straight about who they were, where they were going and, interestingly enough, how they came to be in possession of driver’s licenses, credit cards, social security cards, and checks that clearly were not theirs. As wreckers arrived to tow the illegally operated vehicle and things seemed very dim for the two suspects, each decided to tell their story. It seems that 18 year old Uriel Armando Munoz and 19 year old Jaime Enrique Villeda from Houston decided to steal purses from females at two separate locations in Harris County. In fact, they had just filled their vehicle with gas using one of the stolen credit cards. Officer Brockhoeft was able to make contact with both victims and the Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies assigned to the cases.

Munoz and Villeda have each been charged with two counts of Credit Card Abuse and two counts of Possession of Stolen Identification, each of which is a State Jail Felony. They have been issued bond amounts of $1,500 for each charge and are currently being held in the Montgomery County Jail.

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