Pct. 4 Arrests Longtime Fugitive / Predator

Mexican Nationalists, on the Run for 23 Years for Sexual Assault/Incest Warrant in Custody

Around 10 a.m. Thursday, a Montgomery County Pct. 4 Constable Deputy witnessed a vehicle drive the wrong way under an overpass in the area of Highway 59 and FM 1314 in Porter, TX.  The deputy made contact with the occupants in the vehicle at a nearby gas station.  The driver was identified as Mexican National – Alicia Vazquez-Carrizales, and advised the other occupant in the vehicle was her husband, Jesus Nava, but he did not have any identification to prove his identity.

The deputy investigated further, calling to the scene another Pct. 4 Constable’s Office Deputy who was fluent in Spanish.  At this time, Vazquez-Carrizales advised her husband’s last name was Rosalez.  Inside the vehicle deputies located an ID card hidden between the driver’s seat and the center console, revealing the identity of Alicia’s husband as Mexican Nationalist – Heraclio Gamez-Nava.  HOU/ICE/ERO (Enforcement and Removal Operation) also responded to the scene to help identify the Mexican Nationalists.  Once identified, Gamez-Nava showed a warrant, issued in 1995 from the State of Nevada for Continuous Sexual Assault of a Minor, Younger than 14 Years of Age/Incest, where the subject impregnated his 12 year old daughter.  At that time, they fled Nevada and have been on the run since.

According to ICE, Vazquez-Carrizales has been deported in 2003 as well as 2014 and now has another ICE detainer and will most likely be deported again after her new charge for misdemeanor Hindering the Apprehension or Prosecution of a Known Felon is taken care of.

Both are currently being booked into the Montgomery County Jail.  Gamez-Nava will be extradited to the State of Nevada.



Heraclio Gamez-Nava h/m (6/8/53)

Felony Warrant – State of Utah – Continuous Sexual Assault of a Minor, Younger than 14 Years of Age/Incest

Alicia Vazquez-Carrizales h/f (9/10/62

Misdemeanor – Hindering the Apprehension or Prosecution of a Known Felon



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  1. WoodlandsDude

    Jamie, I think you mean “National” and not “Nationalist”?

    This guy has allegedly gone 23 years since fleeing Nevada in 1995 without having an encounter with law enforcement? And that is why he hasn’t been arrested to be sent back to Nevada to face trial before now? I find that to be not credible. I’d like to see an investigation of his encounters with law enforcement, and officials who had him within reach, but let him go, need to be prosecuted.

    23 years of freedom. Raped his own less-than-14-years-old daughter, impregnated her,

    1. Jamie Nash

      Bruce, this was a press release. I copied and pasted. You’re correct about the wrong word being used and I missed that. The information (except what I’ve not corrected) is word for word what Sgt. Slack sent to the media. I have no further details or information on other encounters. Sometimes law enforcement stops a fugitive from another state and depending upon the charge, the other state is unwilling to extradite the fugitive, so they’re released. I have no idea who might have encountered this suspected or where, but it would be interesting to know whose path he crossed during over two decades on the run.

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