Pct. 4 Crime Report

Pct. 4 Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden reports the following events for the dates of 5/19/09 – 5/28/09:

Compiled by Chief Deputy Barry Welch

No Dl, No Insurance, No Way
While patrolling the streets of East Montgomery County and serving civil citations, several traffic stops were conducted that resulted in nine vehicles being towed in the East Montgomery County area after the driver’s were unable to produce auto insurance and a driver’s license. A total of 10 traffic citations were issued, along with two other citations for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Warrant Arrests
* The arrests of 12 people with outstanding warrants by Pct. 4 deputies cleared up 51 “class C” JP 4 warrants. Each person had several warrants. The Pct. 4 Constable’s Office received over 550 new JP 4 warrants last week. Other police agencies cleared up 12 JP 4 warrants from several arrests, with 77 warrants recalled.

* Deputy Rivera arrested Charlotte Willis, 37, of Splendora for two outstanding Montgomery County Misdemeanor warrants. Both warrants had a pre set bond of $10,000 each. Charlotte was transported to the Montgomery County Jail in Conroe.

* Sergeant Willingham conducted a traffic stop in the New Caney area and learned that the driver was a wanted person out of Florida. The male was identified as Jimmy Badillo, 36, of Onalaska. Jimmy was arrested for the outstanding warrant and transported to the Montgomery County Jail, his vehicle was towed.

Neighborhood Narcotics Patrol
* On May 20, Pct. 4 deputies went to an apartment complex in the New Caney area to assist Child Protective Services with a welfare check of a small child who was reported to be living in a suspected drug dealer’s home. After contact was made with the child’s parents, the father of the child was arrested by Chief Deputy Welch for possession of marijuana. The male was identified as 23-year-old Charles Schreiber. Charles was transported to the East Montgomery County Jail. The small child was removed from the home by CPS.

* On May 27, several Pct. 4 deputies responded to a home in the Splendora area reported to be manufacturing methamphetamine. A teen was arrested and a warrant is expected to be issued for his father, who was also allegedly involved in producing methamphetamine. The investigation lasted throughout the night and involved multiple agencies including the DEA and DPS Narcotics.
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Meth makers stopped

Public Event
The Montgomery County Pct. 4 Constable’s Office will provide security for the East Montgomery County Saw Mill Festival at the East Montgomery County Improvement District building. (Hwy 59 near Community Dr.) on Saturday May 30, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Sex Offender Compliance Unit
The Pct. 4 Constable’s Office Sex Offender Compliance Unit arrested two registered sex offenders in East Montgomery County while conducting compliance checks in the New Caney area. Both men had outstanding warrants and were transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Top 20 Warrants & Fine Amounts
(name, date of birth, no. warrants, total amount due)
2. Carrico, Kevin , 9/1/86, 17, $6,840
3. Creech, Audra , 12/1/73, 17, $7,790
4. Davis, Jonathon, 9/26/88, 14, $7,010
5. Everton, Michael, 1/23/85, 16 , $6,185
6. Foreman, Alicia, 1/3/80, 21, $10,425
7. Garzoria, Jaime, 7/31/81, 17, $6,075
8. Goldsmith, Troy, 11/29/73, 14, $5,565
9. Hernandez, Gelberto, 4/14/68, 18, $5,615
10. Hohensee, Tammy, 3/6/68, 14, $34.03, $6,055
11. Khan, Melinda 1, 2/22/60, 19, $5,170
12. Linton, Terry, 4/26/60, 14, $53, $6,424
13. Long, Jeffery, 11/18/72, 14, $455.27, $7,580
14. Martin, Jody, 1/20/76, 13, $6,360
15. Martin, Melissa, 5/16/78, 23, $11,650, $1,812.70 (CHECKS)
16. Richardson,Bobby, 2/1/63, 14, $6,920
17. Sherman, Michael, 10/5/84, 16, $6,855
18. Solis, Hugo, 4/1/78, 16, $8,420
19. Waldron, Randy, 7/26/70, 13, $5,740
20. Williford, Michael, 2/7/77, 15, $6,450

Anyone with information about the above listed suspects should call 281-577-8985

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