Pct. 4 Crime Report

Pct. 4 Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden reports the following events from 5/05/09 to 5/19/09:

Compiled by Chief Deputy Barry Welch

No Dl, No Insurance, No Way
While patrolling the streets of East Montgomery County and serving civil citations, several traffic stops were conducted that resulted in four vehicles being towed in the East Montgomery County area after the driver’s were unable to produce auto insurance and a driver’s license. Ten traffic citations were issued.

Fifty-one JP 4 outstanding warrants were cleared up after 15 people were arrested by Pct. 4 Deputies; each person had several warrants. This office received 84 new JP 4 warrants last week. Other police agencies cleared up 9 JP 4 warrants from several arrest. 60 warrants were recalled.

Neighborhood Narcotics Patrol
Nine felony narcotics arrest and one other narcotics arrest were conducted in the past two weeks in the East Montgomery County area by the Pct. 4 Deputy Constables. All cases came from investigations that were in local neighborhoods. Below are a list of those arrested:
*23 y/o Joshua Dominey from Lufkin Tx charged with Possession of chemicals of narcotics with intent to manufacture.
*18 y/o Jock Dominey from Hudson Tx. (same charge)
*43 y/o Carroll Kennedy from Lufkin Tx. (same charge)
*31 y/o Kenneth Stewart from New Caney Tx. charged with possession of a controlled substance (meth.)
*22 y/o Christopher Wyckoff from Porter Tx. (same charge)
*28 y/o Joseph Alexander from Conroe Tx. (same charge)
*31 y/o Fredrick Owens from Porter Tx. (same charge)
*35 y/o Wendy Hurst from Porter Tx. (same charge)
*20 y/o Gregory Knotts from Kingwood Tx. charged with felony possession of marijuana

Public Event
The Montgomery County Pct. 4 Constable’s Office assisted the Splendora Police Department with a security detail during this years Splendora Founders Day event. This year the event was larger than the past. The event consisted of a Bar-B-Q cook off, parade, car show, crafts booths, live music, and other events. Several thousand people attended the event located at the Splendora City Park, over a two day time frame. During this time, the Pct. 4 Constable’s office provided bicycle patrol, ATV patrol, a main security head quarters (mobile command unit), and security in general. Several juveniles were cited for minor in possession of an alcohol beverage. A white female later identified as Laurn Socia from Splendora Tx. was arrested for three counts of Child Endangerment, Public Intoxication and Resisting Arrest. It was found that Laurn had became intoxicated during the event. She had three small children with her. The children became tired, so she placed the children inside of her SUV, and locked them inside the vehicle. The vehicle was not running, there was no AC turned on. She then went back to the event, leaving her three children in a vehicle about ¼ mile away in a parking area at 1:00 am on Friday night. One of the children (the oldest in the car) , 8 year old girl, got out of the vehicle and walked back to the event. She was noticed by a Pct.4 Deputy. After checking the area, the mother was located. She did not have a great concern that she had left her children alone in the vehicle. She was arrested for child endangerment, she then resisted arrest as a female reserve Pct. 4 Deputy Constable attempted to place her into handcuffs. She refused to give out the electronic vehicle door key code, so the Deputies could retrieve the children. Deputies had to use force to enter the vehicle. Two children were asleep in the hot vehicle, which was over 80 deg. F on this night. A family member was called to the scene to take the children. Laurn was transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Anyone with information on the suspects listed below should call 281-577-8985
Top 20 Warrants & Fine Amounts
Name, D.O.B. , No. Of Warrants, Merchant Fees, Total Fines
Bynum, Christina, 11/1/76, 23, $9,590.00
Carrico, Kevin , 9/1/86, 17, $6,840.00
Creech, Audra , 12/1/73, 17, $7,790.00
Davis, Jonathon, 9/26/88, 14, $7,010.00
Everton, Michael, 1/23/85, 16 , $6,185.00
Foreman, Alicia, 1/3/80, 21, $10,425.00
Garzoria, Jaime, 7/31/81, 17, $6,075.00
Goldsmith, Troy, 11/29/73, 14, $5,565.00
Hernandez, Gelberto, 4/14/68, 18, $5,615.00
Hohensee, Tammy, 3/6/68, 14, $34.03, $6,055.00
Khan, Melinda 1, 2/22/60, 19, $5,170.00
Linton, Terry, 4/26/60, 14, $53.00, $6,424.00
Long, Jeffery, 11/18/72, 14, $455.27, $7,580.00
Martin, Jody, 1/20/76, 13, $6,360.00
Martin, Melissa, 5/16/78, 23, $11,650.00, $1,812.70 (CHECKS)
Richardson,Bobby, 2/1/63, 14, $6,920.00
Sherman, Michael, 10/5/84, 16, $6,855.00
Solis, Hugo, 4/1/78, 16, $8,420.00
Waldron, Randy, 7/26/70, 13, $5,740.00
Williford, Michael, 2/7/77, 15, $6,450.00

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