Pct. 4 Crime Report

From the Office of Pct. 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden:

Activity report – April 7, 2009 to April 14, 2009

* Pct 4 deputies served 9 civil papers throughout East Montgomery County, leaving 85 civil papers pending to be served. 4 writs were served and 11 evictions. Montgomery County Pct. 4 Constable’s office made several arrest, from these arrest 17 JP 4 warrants were cleared. The deputies also arrested 3 people for outstanding Montgomery County misdemeanor warrants and 6 felony warrants.

No DL, No Insurance, No Way
10 vehicles were towed in East Montgomery County for no DL and no insurance and numerous citations were issued to the drivers for traffic violations.

* On April 9, 2009 Constable Hayden initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle with no front license plate. During the stop, all occupants of the vehicle were identified and it was determined that there were no sober licensed drivers in the vehicle. During the inventory of the vehicle a cigarette box was located on the passenger side dashboard, inside the box was a small clear plastic bag containing a white powder substance. A field test was conducted and the substance tested positive for cocaine. The front seat passenger Robert Jones whom had immediate control over the items where the box was located was placed into custody for possession of a controlled substance. After transporting Mr. Jones to Pct 4 a second blue plastic bag containing white powder substance was located under the rear seat of the patrol car directly under the area where Mr. Jones was sitting. The transporting officer advised he had completed a check of the patrol car after his prior arrest and it was clean.

* On April 7, 2009 Deputy Sharp initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle for no license plate light. As Deputy Sharp talked to the driver she seemed nervous and he noticed the passenger was moving around in the seat. Both the driver and passenger consented to a search of the vehicle saying there was no contraband in the vehicle. While searching a glass pipe with a white residue on it was found under the passenger seat. Both occupants denied knowing anything about it. As Deputy Sharp walked around the vehicle he located two plastic baggies containing a white crystal substance field tested and confirmed to be methamphetamines. The two subjects were detained and Deputy Sharp reviewed the video on his camera. While reviewing the video it showed the passenger Tiffany Terry stick her hand down her pants and pull something out and toss it on the ground. She then tried to push it under the vehicle with her foot. She was placed in custody for possession of a controlled substance.

* On 4/10/09 Deputy Bergland initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle for a defective headlight. As the vehicle came to a stop several individuals fled from the vehicle into the woods. While searching the area a Hispanic male was located 2 miles form the scene. The subject was identified as Manuel Reyes. Mr. Reyes was arrested and charged with evading arrest or detention.

Top Ten Warrants

11 KNAPP,GREGORY W., 24, New Caney
10 KOGER, DONALD R., 20, New Caney
10 LOPEZ , ADAM, 25, Houston
12 MORFORD, JOHN E., 52, Conroe
11 SALINAS, AGUSTIN L., 50, Houston
16 SOLIS, HUGO B., 30, Porter
12 TAVE, DAN, 69, Humble
11 THOMPSON, DAVID A., 45, Humble
10 VICKERY, DAVID L., Coldsprings IBC
10 WALLACE, KEVIN L. II, 23, Humble

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