This evening a driver was headed east on FM 1488 at 9 pm. Just as he and several cars pulled away from the light just before I-45 , 2 motorcycles passed between the vehicles on the lane divider at a high rate of speed. Both appeared to be trying stunts. The stunt almost went deadly as one driver in a vehicle which was passed panicked and slammed on her brakes causing the vehicle behind her to swerve to the center lane almost striking another vehicle head-on. The riders then turned onto I-45 at a high rate of speed.

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  1. TG

    PEOPLE ASK WHY SO MANY MOTORCYCLE CRASHES? Read this story, look at the pictures and just watch these idiots on the streets. It won’t take long before you see some motorcyclist act like an idiot. Not saying all motorcycle riders are idiots because they aren’t but it seems those who ride the high performance Japanese bikes are the worst. They may not deserve to die in crashes they cause but they sure ask for it by their arrogance in the way they ride.

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