Terri Jaggers, the acting President and Chairman of Montgomery County CPS/Child/ Welfare Board and Director of Engagement and Adoption at Orphan Care Solutions reported vandalism of several statues at the Montgomery County Courthouse Tuesday night. The bronze statues were donated in April of this year by Spirit of Texas Bank. One of the bronze statues titled A.J. was stolen. Another titled T.J. was broken as if the vandals could complete their task of removing the others.

The statues were the love project of Montgomery County CPS New Year’s Eve gala, “Light Up the Night With Hope” on December 31, 2013. A granite marker at the location reads “In tribute to Montgomery County’s abused and neglected children, those who protect them, and those who care for them.”

“This was the cornerstone of the courthouse adoptions and press conference! It is sickening,” posted Jaggers.

“It was special and a reflection of the value our community places on caring for our children,” added Jaggers. “My tears are of anger and hurt … frustration and simply not knowing where to go from here.”

She is also asking scrap yards to be aware it is missing and prays the thief doesn’t attempt to cut A.J. up to attempt to sell it.

If anyone has information on this vandalism and theft you are encouraged to contact the the following law enforcement agencies:

Conroe Police Department: 936-522-3200

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 936-760-5800.

Anonymous tips can be reported to Montgomery County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-392-STOP (7867), or contacted through the website at the link provided. Readers are asked to share this article on their social media pages in an effort to apprehend the thief and recover the bronze figure.








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  1. spk

    It’s not the first and not the last thing on their rap sheets. It’d make a huge bet. These are the most low-life criminals and should get very stiff sentences when caught. There is no level of decency here. Put their pictures all over the state in the papers and what they did.

  2. LazyCop

    Check with all the usual methy, copper/bronze stealing losers that are roaming our streets and trying to make our brave police and deputies look like the bad guys. When you do catch these loser cowards….make sure you charge them with every single crime. This is outrageous….right in the middle of town and nobody saw them….?

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