Late Tuesday night a Montgomery County  Sheriff’s Office Sgt. was southbound on Willis Waukegan near Nicholson when a vehicle passed him at a high rate of speed. As he tried to turn around on the vehicle another deputy was at Willis Waukegan and FM 1484.

Moments later the speeding vehicle approached and saw that deputy. He then accelerated through the intersection of FM 2432 and FM 1484 and accelerated to over one hundred miles per hour. The deputy was able get behind the suspect and get a license number which was broadcast to other units.

A Willis Police unit was eastbound toward the the approaching vehicle when the speeding vehicle turned off FM 2432 and onto Industrial Park and to Paddock where he turned north to FM 1097 East. Other units were set up for the approaching vehicle at the railroad tracks but the driver turned into a trailer park in the 300 block of Stewart.

As units approached the Hispanic male exited the vehicle and ran west into the woods.  Officers approached the vehicle slowly to make sure there was not another person in the vehicle. What they saw next startled all of them. Sitting in the front seat with no child safety seat was a small curly haired 3-year-old girl.

Deputies removed her from the vehicle and learned that he mother lived just two houses away.

After talking with the mother deputies were able to learn the males identity.

The search was called off, however a warrant will be issued for his arrest.

The child who was not injured was returned to the mother who admitted she had let the suspect borrow the vehicle.

The vehicle was taken into impound by the Sheriff’s Office.


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  1. lucky52

    She let him borrow the car and the child.These felons often take a child with them so they don’t look as suspicious driving around.

  2. LocalDrifter

    The surprises may not be over yet if they run the guy & discover he’s a citizen with a license and insurance and a job and up to date on child support and no open warrants. Now THAT would be a Surprise Sext-fecta.

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