Police: Small child found dead in dumpster during search for missing toddler

WACO, TX — Officials said that they believe they have found the 2-year-old at the center of an Amber Alert dead in a dumpster. They are waiting on an autopsy to confirm.
Frankie Gonzales was reported missing Monday afternoon. His mother said they had gone to the park, and he went to the restrooms and disappeared.

The Waco Police Department and assisting agencies spent Monday afternoon looking for Frankie. They closed the park during the search.

The search resumed Tuesday morning.

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  1. Jstar

    Wait….a 2 yr old was allowed to go to the restrooms in a public park….alone???! Was this child even out of diapers yet?? Why didn’t the mother take him to the restroom??!

    Scott plz keep us updated on this story..something is DEFINITELY off here.

    RIP lil one 😢

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