Wednesday night just after 8:00p.m. Montgomery County Sheriff’s units responded to a dance studio on Robinson Road in the Oak Ridge North area. When they arrived they were advised a Cut and Shoot mother dropped her two daughters off at the dance school and then ran some errands. When she returned they realized her 13-year-old challenged daughter was missing..

Deputies immediately started a search of the area. A little after 9:00p.p.m. the owner of a horse stable on Hanna Drive, a short distance away had discovered a little girl sleeping in a stall. When she was confronted she ran off into the dense woods.

Additional units were called in from other districts and  Precinct 4 Lt. Constable Mark Seals was requested with his Bloodhound, “Oliver”. Assisting him were Sgt. Warwick and  Sgt. Clendennen. Also requested to the scene was Montgomery County Sheriff’s K-9 Deputy Birch.

A search on ground was started, However the dogs appeared to be tracking back to one spot. Deputies then requested the mother to return to her home and gather some of the girls clothing and return it to the scene. This would enable the dogs to have something solid to track on.

As approximately 2:30a.m.  she returned with the items deputies advanced the dogs toward the arena area. Just as they approached the young girl was observed running away. As they pursued her she was once again lost in the woods. An extensive search with the dog, night vision goggles and FLIR units produced nothing.

Deputies continued the search and just after 5a.m. the young girl was again observed running to the east and toward a drainage canal. Deputies Seals, Birch and Clendenne gave chase. Just as they reached the fence Deputy Seals was able to detain her.

The girl was returned to the scene from where she disappeared. It was then that it was determined that she needed to be transported to juvenile for an evaluation.

The units all returned to service approximately 6a.m.

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